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28 January, 2010

Gone Legging Crazy!!

I have not forgotten those 5 ensembles I posted last week; However, there is always new inspiration each day. If you are interested in particular look, please let me know and I'd shift its rotation earlier. haha........

Anyway, I finally receive my Daddy Long Legs degraded leggings n' couldn't wait to try it on. I paired it w/ my slate colored leggings inside for extra warmth.

grrr... I forgot to adjust my scarf.

I bought this scarf at a street market in Paris in 2008 but always wonder that if it is actual a table cloth!!! ^O^


1. Top: 
  • Rubbish purple tank
  • Lavender racer-back tank
  • Vince asymmetrical leather jacket
2. Bottom: 
  • slate leggings
  • Daddy long legs flower degraded leggings
3. Accessory:
  • scarf bought at ParisChanel 08' LTD metallic navy striped reissue 227
 4. Shoes: 
Nicolas kirkwood teal suede peep toe pump

I really like hosiery n' couldn't stop buying them whenever I found it intriguing!! And thanks to all the Power Yoga n' TRX to keep my legs toned!! Now I am looking into a personal trainer of Pilates!!

Go, girls, you at least need to find one exercise/work-out/activity to keep you looking sexy...oh, not that, to keep you healthy n' really pretty!!! :)

DO you remember this little quilted jacket of Millard Fillmore (our 13th president aka the Father of contemporary sports wear )? I am going to give it a face stay tuned!! :)
Those are little Chanel cosmetic pin set bought at Paris 08'!

Wonder Girls NOBODY US Debut Single HD MV

Have a fun Friday!!!


Michael St. James said...

This is my favorite look since I've been following your blog! The leggings and scarf are exquisite and you already know how much I love the bag and the heels. That leather jacket is hot too. Love love love this look!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mike:

Hope your mom's class will enjoy the globe!! I even want to get one for my kids...haha....

Mona P said...

Love your metallic reissue bag, it looks great with leggings and your heels!

And I adore those pins, they are so cute!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Oh I love all the leggings and tights, you rock all those! And what an amazing scarf too! I have to agree with Michael, this is one of my favorite outfits too :)

LS said...

I love the scarf and the leopard tights!
haha my dbf has been obsessed with the song Nobody for a while now...he does his little dance along to it too.


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