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Christian Louboutin?!!! How Can I Say NO to Such a Deal!!

First of all, I have to say that I didn't intend to buy anything before spring actual arrives. :P (It is obvious that I can't keep the promise.) I only want to accompany Pei on Fri. to BNY to check out A. Wang black coco duffel stud bag n' also stop by Hermes since SA called for their two days sale. 

Pei already got the same GRAY Coco Duffel bag as mine. But since BLACK is so "classic", she needs to make sure that she can make the best choice out of TWO. 

Don't we all just love that greenish yellow turtle neck against greenish navy faux fur vest on her!!!

Would you help her to decide which one to keep??

Black or Gray Coco Duffel bag?

Black Coco Duffel, that color could never go wrong!!

Gray Coco Duffel, an all year round color!!

Keep Both!!

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Aforementioned, I need some Hermes accessories when walk in to "H" store. But enough is enough, I didn't carry my Gris T. 35cm Birkin. :)

Hermes Kelly Riding boots w/ locks
Hermes Collier De Chien in white

You know, I think I am pretty lucky as BNY's extra 33% off ends this weekend and I found two CL heels in my size which were putting on shelf very recently!!!

You know, amazing thing is one pair is size 39.5 which is my normal CL shoe size; As for the other pair runs so small, I also found size 40.5 fits me perfectly!!!

Erin kleinberg Gray cashmere blend w/ mini studs pocket boy-friend tee

Rubbish purple tank
Alice & Olivia ruched sleeves jean jacket

Y 3 leggings w/ 3 signature stripes at calves
Chanel Dark Silver Hawaii LTD classic clutch
Erica Beamon for Target clear bubble on chain necklace

I was smiling all day~~~~ ^O^

OK......................................................... MY SHOES!!!!

Love the deal of paying 1 CL heels for 2 ! :)

This runs super small that I have to go up 2 size from my normal one.

$659  * 67% = NOW.

I tried to capture the true VIOLET color of this mary-jane since it is more of a burgundy purple!!
$509 * 67% = NOW.

When I just said that Nicolas Kirkwood will be my only suede shoes buy this year.....there comes another 2 pairs!! @@

Those two pairs of CL heels would go w/ tons of things in my wardrobe........well, except I probably have to either wear them A.S.A.P. or I'll have to wait for this f/w 2010.

This was today!!

This was today!! DH suddenly wants to eat pancakes for brunch/lunch. Then we found one in Los Altos which is established around 1954.

I had the very top pancakes : Dutch baby pancakes!!

I think my ensemble is totally unexpected....I mean, the colors! Normally they never go w/ each other but I don't know........maybe I just want to see how does they look on me...heh.....

hahaha ....... I don't know what to say!!....... But not that bad, right?!!!! :) 

I think I need another pair of Oxford shoes!! :)

Have a fun Sunday!!!!

MY GIVEAWAY is only ONE week left n' make sure you have at least 5 comments by then!!!!


designer forum said…
wow what a good deal on those louboutins each of them for a little above $200??? they are awesome shoes i need to go to barneys more often, better deal than saks. the boots look really good on you.
designer forum said…
wow great deal on the louboutin i cant believe you got them for just above 200, i need to go to barneys more often. also the boots look great on you!
sophiae888 said…
wow great deal on the louboutin i cant believe you got them for just above 200, i need to go to barneys more often. also the boots look great on you!
Anonymous said…
i am so jealous of your new shoes! all of them. i wish i have the time to go try them on and get the deals. I think the color combination on your last outfit is so refreshing, great match!
shockboogie said…
I'm so glad you got some good deals at Barneys. You definitely can't pass up a great Louboutin deal when you see one!

Mmm... dutch baby pancakes! I love oven baked pancakes. There's this breakfast place close to my house which the DH and I just love. They have dutch babies, german pancakes, and oven baked surprise with you choice of strawberries, banana pecan caramel, pineapple coconut, etc. It's just divine! Your post just got me hungry! Haha!
Oh those shoes are fantastic! Congrats on the great purchase! Funny thing with the sizes, especially since it's one brand :S Really don't like ti when they do it, because what would happen if you were ordering them online? And I realize I really like gray on you!! This outfit just looks perfect! xoxo

And if I were your friend I'd keep both bags, unless she wants to make a giveaway through your blog lol
litlstrawberry said…
No...those Louboutin are $400 around each.... I wish they are that dirt cheap then I would buy 4 pairs of them. :) And thank you, sweetheart!!
litlstrawberry said…
Catherine: Good morning.
Oh, right, I think I am just lucky as I count that i have only 6 pairs of CL and never paid full price for any of them..... either I bought them along w/ GC, or they are on sale. :)

haha..thanks a bunch for liking my last look. I have a wired thing of making thing work if I decide to wear something..... I insist to put on that blue lace vest yesterday and I was stubborn enough to make it work. hahahah..
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Rx: Good morning to you.

Yes, girls wearing CL heels always look so piping hot....hahah... (well, maybe not sexy sexy but always looks more sophisticated than wear w/ other heels.) Those two CL heels are the right colors I love so I know I couldn't resist.

Oh, you know, I just found out I like Waffles even better...I think pancakes is a little too soft for fill me up!! you know, the texture.... I tend to eat MORE when something is too soft which is bad for my DIET hahaha.....
litlstrawberry said…
ho ho ho...Julia: I wish, I wish. ... but not until she won some lottery. hahah.

Right, I agree. If I was on line shopping, I'd order both 39.5 or even 40 just to see if they are OK w/ some patch.....padding.....whatever...but it is annoy if they make those size inconsistent!!! :P
amazing deals on the CLs, definitely can't pass up!

I love the Original Pancake House too! We have one here in Dallas, and we love going there on the weekends. Yummy!!
LilKristy said…
Hi Rachel,

Wow! i felt like i havent visited your for ages hehehe...

I hope you and your family had a wonderful christmas and new year..

I've been so busy with school and i just got back from Florida.. I was there for 2 weeks with my brother who just got accepted to Medical school down there.. I love the weather down there!! It is too cold here in minnesota!! below 0 every single day .."sign""

Those Christian Louboutin shoes are speechless!! I wish i can afford them in the future... I'm in the process of training myself to walk with high heels!! hhehe

This is a long post... ehhehe

rachel, i love Ilona's shoe.. those are from Gap kids right? I was there today n i saw them on sale but they only have size 11.. What size does Ilona wear in those shoe? I want to buy them for my niece but im afraid it might be too big for her. Her feet measures at 9 right now..

sorry for the long post... hehe felt like i havent talk to u for soo long... i used to visit your blog every other day and now its been like 3 months... soo behind... heehheh

i'll talk to u later... take care

FG said…
Hello, dear!
How lucky you are to get such AMAZING deals on CL! Here in Europe we NEVER have sales on brands like CL for over 50% (TOP)
Anyway, you look GORGEOOUS,as usual! And I like the combo of your last outfit! You are the best in mixing and matching color and materials!
Btw, was there anything interesting in Hermes sales? :)
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Paris girl:

Thank you so much, sweetheart. I left comments on your blog... your new buys are awesome too. You are indeed ready for s/s 2010. :) I love military green and I think it is always around but this year it is a HIT color!! oh, you made me want to find a violet/lavender shoes to pair w/ my Violet B. work bag!! hah...

Oh, nothing really fancy my eyes in Hermes...even though I like a golden seagrass lace up wedge which is still $800 around...oh, my, that doesn't sound a sale price to me.

Anyway, I think my SA is a bit unhappy as I didn't purchase anything. :P
Hi R! Congrats on your new CLs! Hahahhaa....nobody can resist sale price on CLs. :D I have more than 18 pairs of CLs now and most of them I got on sale except for 3 or 4 pairs which I bought full price. I guess both of us need to work on our "self-control"! LOL!! But those shoes you got are gorgeous. I too don't like suede shoes as much as leather ones. I thought about buying the Alta Iowa (your purple peeptoe mary jane) before, but then passed coz it's suede. :P

And I am so surprised that you got size 40.5 for the Deva black fringe booties!! That's supposed to be "MY" size! runs really small then! Good that you got to try them on first. This Deva has been worn by at least 3 singers I know here in Hong Kong, that's the reason why I didn't buy it coz I don't like to really wear what the celebrities wear here....LOL!! I can't wait for your modeling pix of these shoes.

Oh, for your last photo, the colors of your outfit looks good together. Not really "totally unexpected" coz the majority of colors on you are on the darker shade and very neutral, that's why the pop of light blue/turquoise is actually nice. Sometimes, we really need to stick to/insist on our own instincts. :D

Purse Addict said…
LOVE your new CLs!! And at such good prices too!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Mia. I know, the CL shoes are like the goddess of sexy heels and every woman seems be spelled by its magic. hee...

Well, I bet most of the sexy CL heels are worn by celebrity but since the price is that good, I don't mind wearing them nor buying them at all. :)

ha, thanks for backing me up my last outfit since sometimes the color pop can be ugly Betty....haha... anyway, thanks, dear!!
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Jenny. I think I see you got neither of CL heels of mine, do you?
lilmissb said…
Love the outfits and shoe bargains! I will be (hopefully) an Alta Iowa shoe sister with you soon. I'm waiting to hear about some black ones. The devas will be stunning on you and I can't wait to see your outfits with them.
lilmissb said…
Oh I forgot to say I ADORE your CDC! I want one in either croc or lizard. Or red leather GHW. *drool*

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