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Fun Day w/ Pei at Diesel and in My Wardrobe!! (Part 1)

Did I tell you that my friend, pei, has the most amazing deft of finding things in the best bargain even from past seasons!!? 

Yes, she is the kind of girl we all want to be friend with n' we are lucky to have her as one!!! 

And here is just one case: I bought my Lanvin Happy sac 08' at Barneys in full price w/ $150 GC but she found 2 in Nordi. after sale when SA told her that it was sold out!!!! @@ Not only she tracked down 2, she also bought them for $700 around. 1 for Ann and another one she kept for herself.......when my face all twisted w/ agony after she told me. Oh, just kidding!! She probably can be a private fashion detective if that's even considered as a job title!!!! ^O^ 

Since last season, I so want to find a pair of white booties, like a cut-out lace-up booties but w/o any luck.  Then Pei told me that she found two pairs of WHITE boots, tall n' short from Diesel but couldn't decide which one to keep. (Oh, just an update for her A. Wang bag. Thanks to your vote, Pei kept Gray one like mine at the end.) 

 WE love the pair on the mannequin w/ fringe. There my $30 Charles David booties w/ ribbon from past couple season which I  can wear even when it rains.  

What's good about the short fringe booties is that it is detachable so I simply tie it on mine for fun!!

That's an instant look update!!

Pei put on a leg warmer inside the short boots w/ the look of fringe removed!! It is much flattered on her calves!


Then Pei tie that fringe to another pair of LONG boots. 
We like the GRAYISH white color of both boots n' the versatile fringe. :)

We had so much fun at Diesel's store the other day.


Here is me having fun in my closet yesterday morning. 

I had 5 outfits prepared ready for next week but let's be dynamic for both those accessories n' occasion to wear next week!!

Ensemble #1

Chanel 08 Gray classic jumbo + Derek Lam cashmere tank + Lerario Beatriz wool vest + Alexander Wang drapes skirt + Christian Louboutine black suede cut-out heels + Erica Beamon for Target beaded cluster necklace

Ensemble #2

I think I keep my wardrobe very classic in general even though I follow trends each year!!

I found my white cut-out lace-up booties......... a sample heels from
(I paid 20% off for a pair of this Laurence Dacade Olole Heel in White after sale for $211!! ho ho ho... )

Dimension white Victorian style shirt + RUGBY white military inspired jacket + BJB leather-like leggings + Chanel 09' turquoise n' pink CC scarf + GAP sequins skinny scarf + Chanel 08' Rodeo Drive large black perforated tote + Laurence Dacade Olole Heel.

Ensemble #3

A inspired look from Viktor & Rolf's soft mini nude draping dress on Julianne Moore!!

My top is from H&M which Pei first bought n' we all loved it!! Isabel, me, Cathy n' Yu then followed n' bought this top. haha....

I make drapes which looks just like those on Viktor & Rolf so wait until I put it on next week!!!

An idea from Isabel that she'd pair the Stella MacCartney sequin racer-tank underneath which we both have.  Hum... sexy!!!

You know, I couldn't make fun of this dress tee as a general looking patches of tee anymore.....We just love the intricate n' delicacy embroidery plus we love the taupe nude color too. :P 

The details of the shoulder embordiery. (Thanks to Pei for modeling it.)

I couldn't seem to make my mind....... 
Chanel 09 s/s mesh w/ bow booties or Valentino taupe sling-back platform + Chanel two tones tights + nude dress w/ asymmetrical layered ruffle dress + H&M slouchy tee + black lace n' Sonia Rykiel swaroviski owl brooch made as necklace + Lanvin Happy Sac 08'

Ensemble #4

The original look of Max Mara weekend line skirt from 07'.

Do I get bored w/ that skirt? 
Yes, so I had this idea of reversing to wear it... :P 

Halter top + bra top + Max Mara weekend skirt worn reversed + urban outfitter floral oxford flat + Louis Vuitton 06' perle LTD tote + 08' red heart coin purse + vintage cameo brooch + vintage starfish earrings.

Ensemble #5

I love swirl stockings!

dress for twilight + Miss Sixty green short-sleeves turtle neck + gray cardigan w/ oversize collar + navy w/ pink swirl stockings + minnetonka fringe boots + Argyle pattern sequins belt bought in India.

 Chanel 2010!
Fun hosiery...... :)

Let's have more fun next week!!!


Omg, Rachel, I don't even know what to comment on! Can't wait to see all those ensembles on you! Love the idea of wearing your ne CL booties with thsi skirt, they seem to match perfectly... Love the white peep toe booties, they have such cute heels too! And those Chanel booties with bows, adorable!! And what a cool friend you have who can find anything and everything, she's one useful girl lol
litlstrawberry said…
hah..yes, Julia, Pei is the best to turn to when you need to find something which is practically gone ..... :)!

have a great weekend.
Run outfits you have there! Can't wait to see them in action next week!

Bon weekend!


P.S. I love that title "private fashion detective"!! If Pei will be a professional, please let me know. I am in need of such service always! LOL!
Oh BTW R!! I have just checked my closet....coz I find that your H&M top w/ embellished shoulder is very very familiar!! And no wonder I feel that way, coz I just realized that I have bought the same top too and have totally forgotten about it!! LOL!! Mine is exactly the same design at the shoulder and it's a longer tunic type. Is yours a t-shirt length or tunic too (or maybe I'm just not as tall as you so it looks like a tunic to me? Hahahahaha!)? Anyway, yes, I love that's like a pinkish-taupe or sth.....:D Now I'm inspired to wear it....but maybe not now coz it's too cold here for me..hehehehe!

Thanks so much for reminding me about this H&M top....:P

Have a nice weekend!

LOL! R...what I meant in my 1st post is "Fun outfits you have there". Sorry about the typo mistake.....:P


P.S. For your outfit with the H&M top, I like it with the Valentino slingback more coz I think it might be too much to have polka dots, leopard print bag and embellished shoulders all together in the same outfit. Oh well, but it's your final decision coz mixing prints is a trend too & I'm sure you can pull it off. :D
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, mia: I will let pei know about her first client... you. hah..

It is a dress... or just long tunic, they are almost the same since I am tall and most of the time I have to wear pants or mini underneath.

I, in fact, wore my CL studded booties w/ the H&M outfit yesterday but too lazy to take pic. .. ..well, maybe tomorrow I will recycle it n' then take a modeling shot of it. :)

Have a great Monday!
Did you know? The campaign Chanel 2010 was made in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The photos were done by Karl Lagerfeld him-selves.

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