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12 January, 2010

Lazy WEEK!!

I didn't post much.... it is because ... so many reasons that I don't even know where to start. ^O^

In short, life is so complicated after you get married, have kids... so on and so forth!!! I must say life couldn't be more simpler when being single or life only involved just two people!! These days I really focus on my family especially my kids' school work and I suddenly feel the bitter-sweet, endless burden in my life. I have so much things that I want to do for myself but I can't afford the thoughts that might include sacrificing my kids' future.  ... Well, well, well,.... then next things you know, kids are always be your first priority, parents are the ones who are back up your kids no matter what!! I am happy about it but sometimes a good balance of everything in life takes so much efforts to achieve!!

Isn't that the look from Avatar!!!? haha...

Happy brother n' sisters!!

We went to Fritz again in Haynes st. at SF city last weekend.  I love their crepes n' sandiwich even more than their Belgium fries!! :)

I am the one who is looking for a day bed for our living room!! :) I found this furniture company called Propeller which is established in Vancouver and the fabric selection for their furniture is awesome!!! Like my blogger's name, Fashion xenophile, I am following almost everything in fashion world, from RTW, shoes, paintings, accessories to even furniture!! :)

I wore Splendid stripes top n' Lerario Beatriz washed wool vest along w/ 3.1 Phillip lim cropped pants to SF city. 
Ah, the show stopper Nicolas Kirkwood teal heels did make me proud when walking around in Haynes st. last Sat. :P

Isn't Niel the funniest kid!!! :)

Sunday brunch at Santana Row, don't you just love to eat the sweetest thing for breakfast sometimes!!!

Suddenly I felt that I look like I work for Anthropologie when standing outside their display window. So retro, so feminine and so ...... I don't know!! :P

Again, don't forget the giveaway!! Their stuff is really cute and worth to explore their website every now and then!!

Have a great Week!!!


Alice said...

So true! The baby's not even here and I'm thinking about all of the fabulous bags and shoes I could be buying w/the $$$ I'm spending on baby stuff! I'm sure she'll be worth the sacrifice!
I'll just continue to admire your shoe and bag and wardrobe collection for the time being!

lovefashionmom said...

hi, I've been following yr blog for long time from tpf until here. It's a great blog that i will check out everyweek.
super agree with what u said about the balance of "yrself" and kids. I have the same thoughts too becoz im a mother of 2 who is crazy about fashion, heels and everything about beauty! I'm from hk, hope to know more about u!

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - I completely agree with your sentiments on this post b/c kids are getting older and more activities and academic to consider. Not to mention that we hope they will not just be bookworms but rather well-rounded in other areas as well. Anyway, applause to you for keeping up with your passion in looking fabulous still.

Those NK heels are very sexy but doesn't seem to comfy for me. Then again, I don't wear heels as well as you do. On the other hand, I'm always always always a huge fan of those Chloe boots. So drool-worthy...

I read you're heading back to TPE sometime around February? That sounds like fun, esp during CNY celebration time.

Hope all is well.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Your kids are adorable!!

Michael St. James said...

I'm obsessed with that Chloe bag!


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