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15 January, 2010

Begining Year of Special THANK-YOUs to Couple Fellow Bloggers!!

1. Julia- the Thanks giving girl: 
A warmest greeting from Russia and because of her Thank-you project, I start appreciating what I thought about tidiest things even more often!!

Also thanks to her for this lovely award. 

2. Fashion Hermit: FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2010

I am flattered that my photo appeared on her blog,
tie that bag of yours

Now it reminds me that it is about time to carry my Gris T. Birkin out!! :)

3. Michael St. James -
A very sweet guy and probably the only male reader of my blog!! ^O^

4. Mia après Chanel!
A very supportive mommy blogger and we "know" each other from since 2008.

I will have to thank more fellow bloggers in the future and to some who doesn't have a blog yet!!!

Have a great day!!!


Michael St. James said...

awwww...thanks! i really do love your blog. cute kids and an impeccable wardrobe...i'm in! ;) have a fab weekend!

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Oh Rachel!! Thank you so much! Hahahaha! I'm so surprised! Yes, as mommmies, we have to support each other with our hobbies. :P Keep up the good work that you're doing now! Everybody enjoys a glimpse of your fabulous life with fashion and family/kids! Bravo!

Have a nice weekend!


Betsy C. said...

Rachel - I'm not surprised you are showing up in other fashion blogs as you definitely inspire mommies like me to take better care of ourselves. I've been in awe with you and your friend, Cathy's legs in the last post. Hot, hot, hot! I don't see many people (or moms) who can pull off that look.

So how's your TRX and Power Yoga classes so far? I missed my Pilates Reformer class for one month while in Taiwan and I came back in such bad shape - all core muscles gone. I definitely did not keep up while being on vacation. Anyway, I'm trying to get back on my regular exercise schedule now.

Have a great MLK weekend!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Aw, thanks to you too, thank you for being you :)

Julia said...

Hi Rachel,

thank you for supporting my blog since day one.

have a great weekend!

please post your weekend outfits soon.

District ~ H said...

Love your look in this pic, tres chic! ~xoHF

litlstrawberry said...

haha... ladies n' gentlemen:

I am very glad to hear "again" that I have been a GOOD inspiration to you. Although sometimes or a lot of times I am out of control but I think this year I have been good... I only bought ONE Birkin n' ONE A. wang bag...compared to last year I just started the affection for Chanel, I think I am not too bad at self-discipline. :P

So, speaking of going back in shade, Betsy, I think I am trying to get back to my best fit as well. :) The only way to have a sexy, healthy looking of body is throu. regular exercise. Gravity is def. cruel to us women... hahah..... Good luck to your Pilates Refromer and that name sounds fun btw!!

And thank you, hun hun, you have a very interesting blog as well.

designer forum said...

wow great deal on the louboutin i cant believe you got them for just above 200, i need to go to barneys more often. also the boots look great on you


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