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26 January, 2010

Random Diary: The Head-Quarter of Gal Gangsters?!!!



I always wanted to post this picture whenever my gal friends coming to my house.

Seriously, what could be more of an obvious evidence from this picture that we are the best buddies!!!!

Whenever we go out together, we would lay our eyes on the same clothes.  Also, whenever we shop alone, we would think of each other while seeing something to the other's taste!!!

Those SUVs parked in my driveway today not only I am the first one bought Touareg but sold it 2 years ago, Yu n' Pei also bought it!! Including the one blocked in front of the camera, there are 4 SUVs in black color mostly. haha...... I wonder if anyone might think of something fishy when walking in front of my house especially there is a kindergarten next to my house. ^O^

When it rains, I wish it pours!! Ha!~

I couldn't recall that since when we'd be ok if it's raining for days. Must be the popularity of rain-boots.  As far as I am concerned,  I think it is also reasonable to have more than 1 pair of rain-boots since we need them to match our style.


This is Pei. Too bad that I didn't include her son in the picture cause' they had super cute matching mother-son outfit today!! 

I bought that orange zig zag rain-coat last year from Juicy Contour along w/ that London Fog black patent boots which is absolutely water-proof.  They are well-worth the money w/ great style too.

Those adorable baubles brought by Yu over to my house and they are Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Hope I will have a better mood to wear what I had planned those 5 ensembles last week!!!

See you!!


janettaylor said...

Love Ur rain coat, Honey!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love your rain coat :) And wow, that's the kind of girly friendship every girl should experience at least once in a lifetime. I used to have a friend like that before and it was priceless.

LS said...

I love your JC raincoat and your tights seem so much fun too!
And I'm glad that you have your good friends to share your passion with !

Mona P said...

I like your raincoat, looks so cute!

It is so great that you guys get together so often! True friends are hard to find.

Rachel, I wanted to ask you a question, what do you think about YSL Belle de Jour clutch? I am thinking of getting one, but not sure.

Would appreciate your opinion, thanks!

Purse Addict said...

Those rain boots are awesome! BTW..your hair looks great! Do you put product or style it in the mornings?

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you all the stylistas!! Yes, girls friendship is fragile but at the same time when you found it, it is indeed priceless!!!!!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Mona:
I personally like that clutch very much too. What color you are looking for? I saw gold one on YSL website and it is absolutely gorgeous. The Black patent is great to go w/ every outfit. I was also browsing Y clutch.. I don't know how it looks in real life n' think it might be too square...anyway, that's not what you are asking. haha..

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Jenny:
THanks, dear. Now I dye back to copper/burgundy color n' I flat iron it again....sometimes I use curling, you know the ones curl all over your head and looks like your great-grand-mom. haha... Then again, I took them off and sleep through the night then I blow/flat-iron a little in the morning, it gives more volume that way than straight ironing. Anyway, sounds a lot of work already!!! :)

Mona P said...

Hi, Rachel :)

I was thinking about gold as well, but since it stands out a bit too much, I think I prefer the steel color (one of their metallic colors). But the dilemma is should I go with steel or black patent? I feel like black will go with everything, but steel does look unique. So, I am trying to decide at this point, will try to go to YSL boutique tomorrow to take a look again.

I might get gold later, once I have a more neutral color first.

Thanks again!


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