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06 January, 2010

2010 Lake Tahoe -- Intended to be an Indian Boho Style!!!

Finally we are back from Lake Tahoe on Tue. 

Sorry that I couldn't update my blog sooner because of all the activities, snowboarding, and gambling!!! :P

Children and adults all had a great time and I can't wait to attend a snowboarding lesson next time. I have been doing snowboarding for 5 times only. Mostly I learned by myself or get tips from DH and also by observing others; therefore, I think a private snowboarding lesson would help a lot. I know, I must master it by now or NEVER!! :P 
Off we go!!

I know I don't look like I am dressing for going skiing!! :)

All kids are full of energy the first day!

Finally I bought myself the whole set of snowboarding gears, the right size of girls' snowboard, snow shoes and clippers!! yah~~

Hum...I figured, even most people would think it is more practical to RENT the equipment since they worn out in couple years, I still prefer to wear shoes w/ my own sweats inside!!!!! Besides, skill is one thing, the style is forever!! hhahha...~~ whatever I say, right?!!!

 I would never buy neon green heels but hey, they would be easier to be spotted if I ever fell off the cliff!!! hahaha~~~~~

I really like the middle graphic white board a lot . 
However, it is designed for MEN and I am not strong enough nor dare to maneuver one that's not made for women! :P

This is my Indian style headband (neck-warmer?) which is so much of my friend, Cathy's, style!! She loves Indian poncho coat, braided hair and etc........ :P 

Here I came to a stop w/ my snowboard!

 There I fell again!! OUCH!!!:P  (
That's my friend, Irene's DH, standing and laughing!!!! ) 

While we adults are having fun, kids are all sent to ski school!! We lie about Ilona's age to be 3 year-old which is the minimum age requirement for kids to be eligible to be in the camp!  But after an hour of her crying, we had to pick her up!! Oh, well, couple snack of Belgium waffle n' hot dog w/ her is not too bad at all!!! :P 

Look at that sneaky smile, we know that's her tricky by crying for not wanting to stay at kids' ski camp!!


The look like little astronauts in ski suits!!


I like how they set up a tunnel for kids to bend over to be able to ski over!!!
That's Ethan.

Abigail went for a jump after class!!

Those kids classes are really pricey for $99/kid. I guess I should master snowboarding sooner to teach my children in order to save some $$$! :)

The day back to the fashion world!! 

I had YSL dark blue nail polish on which is an awesome color...I will show you in a closer shoot in the near future!!!

1. Top:
  • M Mission zig zag dress w/ collar 
  • Miss Sixty short sleeves green little turtleneck sweater
  • Nicholas k. brown leather bomber jacket

2. Shoes: Joie black OTK boots

3. Accessory: 
  • Fellon brass crystal cross necklace
  • BR distressed brass studs skinny belt
  • A. Wang gray leather Coco Duffel bag (yet again)

The head-band.
The fringe boots.
Maybe this look would go w/ my Minnetonka fringe boots n' that Indian style head band!!?  :)

I think you can tell I really like toting around my A. Wang bag..... that's also being said it is time to dig out my other bags. :) 

Tomorrow I might have a Giveaway announcement!! 

Have a great evening!! Rachel xoxo


Julia said...

Rachel, i am impressed- bare legs in the snow!

love your outfit of white skirt with grey top, bag and boots. i think the way you wore your belt is cool. i shall give it try. :)

LS said...

How do you not freeze with bare legs in the snow? Nonetheless, I'm glad you had fun, it looks like your kids had a lot of fun too.
I absolutely adore your Nicholas K leather jacket and M Missoni dress :)

litlstrawberry said...

Ha.... girls:

maybe I shouldn't confuse you girls w/ that bare leg pic.... I do wear a thin layer of cashmere sweater inside the M. Mission dress and we only stayed for 20 mins or so before we head back HOME. Besides, I sneak right back inside the car after couple shoots w/ kids and friends. :P

ha ha ha ~~

dos3n said...

I have to agree with the others, your legs are exposed in snow! were you cold? but you look great though. love that leather jacket. i think we need to take a trip to tahoe too, my daughter has been asking when we can take her to see snow. glad to see your update, i miss it!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

LOVE your tight high boots and this blazer in the first picture! You definitely go snowboarding in style even before you got the actual equipment hehe :) And btw, I actually like the neon boots and clips on that board!!!

chocolaine said...

Rach, a skirt in the snow?!! you are brave! i love snowboarding too, too bad we dont live close =(

The Haute-Shopper said...

Looks like you had fun! I've never tried snowboarding and my skiing is disasterous! Love your outfit though, especially the boots, the Missoni and of course the A. Wang bag!

Purse Addict said...

Rachel - one of the greatest things abt you is your ability to be so active and yet so fashionable all at the same time!!!!!!!!!! So many other women settle for sweats or something "comfy" but you're always here to remind us all that being fashionable doesn't have to get in the way of anything :)

litlstrawberry said...

haha.. girls: Thanks for paying so detail attention on my bare legs...good thing is I didn't catch cold except for I do fell pretty hard ... I bumped my head and going to get a CAT tomorrow. Just so I can make sure my headache these days is nothing serious!!! :0 See, this is what I said, I have to mater snowboarding right now or never, it will be too old to learn new tricks!!! hehehe...

oh, yah, too bad, chocolaine, I wish someone who loves snowboarding would go w/ me so I can get some tips ... FROM YOU TOO. well... will you consider move to SF ? hehe...

hee, Jenny: thank you. Yes, I know most women do get lazy year after year after becoming a mom. So, yes, I hope my blog here at least serve a little purpose of being fun, inspiration and a little reminder for moms who should pamper themselves nonetheless!!! :)


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