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29 January, 2010

H & M Shoulder Embellished Top!!

You know why we all craze about this H&M Embellished top? 

The color!! The pinkish-taupe color n' the delicate embellishment on the shoulders. 

You know how do we describe the shoulder patch? 

Ah...cause it doesn't look like H&M quality ..... haha.....!!!

Here are couple looks of us girls w/ the same top. I must say this top is so slouchy on most of us slender frames. 

This is Isabel w/ wider belt n' Hermes belt.
The wider belt makes the whole look more structured.

Roger Vivier taupe heels + H&M top + Hermes belt 
The wider belt look better on her. 

This is Pei w/ her cute rain boots bought in Japan. 

I switched to a patterned leggings instead.

My personal chair ..... Barcelona chair in brown leather!! 
No Sharing!! ha...:P


1. Top:
  • beige dress w/ layered skirt 
  • H&M embellished top
2. Bottom: Kate spade navy pattern leggings
3. Accessory:
  • Sonia Rykiel swarovski owl brooch bought at Paris (made as necklace)
  • Chanel 08' metallic navy reissue 227 
4. Shoes:
Givenchy 09' wedge booties w/ chain

I like the look w/o belt better....there are way too much of fabric at bottom if I cinch it. 

Ah, I am preparing Valentine's party already...... love those tiny hearts, big hearts......
Don't forget to Love once more to that someone special of yours!!!


dos3n said...

that's from H&M? really? do they still have it? I want one too!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Awww you posted pictures with your Barcelona chair!!! :))) God, do I love it :) Love the h&m top too, so cool how all of you wear it so differently. I liked the wide belt look and really like how you wore it with your owl brooch-turned-necklace!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Catherine: I think they should have it...but you know, you have to get xs since it is really slouchy.

LS said...

i think it is really interesting how the same top can look so different on different people with different style and this posts really captured that.
I saw that top last week at H&M too and loved the patch on the sleeve as well!

Julia said...

i think a belt over this top is a bit much. i like the way you wore it -hang loose with some soft chiffon piece inside. a cool pendent added a lot of fun to the look too.

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Haha R! Does that make us quadruplets for this H&M top? I bought the size M for this top coz I want it to be slouchy looking with a shoulder dropping lower than the other. :P Anyway, all of you gals have a different way of "interpreting" this top. It's nice to see different styles. Seems all of you wore it with black tights/leggings in ....I might be wearing it with tight jeans instead. Thanks for the inspiration!

Have a nice weekend!


litlstrawberry said...

Yes, Ls, everyone has different style interpretation of their own and since we have different accessories, the outcomes are totally distinguishable from each other!!!

So, did you get it then?

litlstrawberry said...

ho ho ho...Julia, I am not sure if you are bias but sure it feels good to have your support!!! Thanks, girl!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Mia: no, not just quadruplets, you're the 6th friend of mine who has that top. hahahaha...
oh, yes, anything fitted would work wonder w/ that slouchy top. However, I can say the Medium size might be way too loose on you............... even the shoulder would be too wide for your frame...... I think!!

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - I've seen that top a few times now and have always wondered how I would wear it. I think it's too late to pick it up but I really love how everyone is wearing it, esp Izy w/her wide belt.

Btw, we're taking the kids to see "Ovo" in SJ soon. I'm super excited and I'm so glad to know that Ilona survived the performance and even had a great time.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy: I think H&M still have that top, besides, you always can ask Isabel to buy for you..... well, in fact, I asked her to buy for Cathy n' yu since they only have 1 size xs left when I purchased it. ha... You now, even you might need size xs or size s. It is rather HUGE piece of a tee, I must add!!

Yes, I am sure your kids will be able to sit through the whole time. Also make sure you do bring some snack depends on what time is your show....the popcorn there costs us $6 for small one but we are lucky that they give us large since they almost forgot our order. haha..

Anyway, I think you can't take pic. w/ flash inside but you still can record a little bit of the show... well, I guess I really wanted to do that but too afraid that I would be kicked out if I did. hahaha..

dos3n said...

i just realized, you all have one! i want to joing the club! :)

Ashley said...

Love the shoulder embellishment on the top, really pretty!

litlstrawberry said...

Yah, Catherine, go get it!!!

susanh98 said...

what a fun top. All of you are rocking it. Do you guys coordinate to make sure you don't wear it out the same day? :P
I love your barcelona chair!!!! That color is so rich i just want to lay on it. hahahha.
So what are you getting for V-day? I think i'm going to be good since i got 2 bal bags. I finally satisfied my want of blue and red bags hahahha.
Your heart coin purse from LV is sooo adorable. Oh and your Jimmy Choo boots are divine!! Love it. It looks so slim the calf how did you manage to stuff your jeans in there?
Have a great Valentine's Day!!! I can't believe we are in Feb already!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Susan:
Congrats. to you..... two bal bags!! Aren't you the happiest girl in the world?!! :)

Yes, we girls sometimes do ask around the outfit we are going to wear on girls' night out. There is one coming in two weeks and we already start coordinating our outfits. haha... not just clothes, bags but also heels.....hahaha.. funny!!!

You know, don't ask me to take off my boots... cause' I tuck my pants inside long socks..... is embarrassing... well, maybe not... That Jimmy Choo has good design around the calves n' that's also the reason I bought it. Very smooth n' slim look.

I got a ring for 3 occasions, Christmas last year, 7 years Anniversary last Dec. n' Valentine's gift!! It is worth the wait I guess!!! :)


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