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24 January, 2010

Random Diary! ..... Cirque Du Soleil .....

We went to SF city for the show : Cirque Du Soleil!!

Here is a glimpse of their performance but the real show in SF city is somewhat different.

Ilona can even sit for 3 hours for the show w/ 30 mins recession in between w/o problems. Therefore, I highly recommend this show for the whole family w/ young kids.

I am randomly looking for a navy or a brown/camel bag so we stopped by Barneys' after the show.


I love the middle olive green color one but too bad... I am not looking for green right now.  $1595

Then I came across this petrol blue one, which has that dinosaurs' wrinkle skin look. It is open at the top w/ zippers at side. $1270
(Summer 2010 new color)

Next stop, Bistro farm, a supermarket in the Bloomingdale. I found those interesting drinks which looks like cosmetic lotion.

They have four different flavors for different demands of skin care!!

I bought all of them except the Clarifying which is for oily skin n' mine is not!

I am going to drink them all the way to have the ultimate beauty!! haha.. 

Aren't those bottles adorable!!

Here is another drinks I am addicted these days. I am just curious how much anti-oxidant exactly in those Acai drinks that are actually active in our system?! Hum.....drink for thoughts!!!

Did you drink your lotion today!!??? :P

Have a good day!! xoxo


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ah I wanted to go see Cirque Du Soleil when they were here but didn't get a chance :( But glad you got to go and enjoyed the show :)

LS said...

I loved Cirque du Soleil when I was younger too! I saw them when they toured to Hong Kong.
Ilona's outfit is too cute for words, especially her beaded dress.

Mother of Style said...

I drink lots of coconut water and fresh pomegranate juice. I just read about acai- think I'll have to add that into the rotation. Those drinks look good- you'll have to tell us if you notice any benefit, although your skin looks really great as it is!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia, I guess you will just have to wait for their detour to Russian next time. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, LS, that's my older daughter Abby(Heidi). Ilona is the youngest.

I think their show changes w/ the regions they go. Maybe it is time for you to book another one of their show. :)

litlstrawberry said...

fresh pomegranate is always better but I am way too lazy to peel each of them, besides, I think nowadays the technology is pretty good that they can preserve much more anti-oxidant in a can than before.
Ah, Acai is the newest and the most powerful antioxidant fruits among all... hum..I don't know if it is even powerful than blueberry sort of fruits but the more the better.....fighting aging, we need a crew. haha.....

Sure, I will let you know if I feel anything...but well, those really are hard to tell within a short term... I guess if I eat too much sugar/sweet/chocolate...they might cross out. hahah..


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