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13 January, 2010


Thanks girls for your comments.  Now I feel our heart is connecting together now. :)

Whenever I blog about FASHION, I know it is only a scrap of My daily life. Every girl has certain level of self-expectation even after we get married, or simply grow mature. And starting a family w/ kids is something that impacts us women the most!! We think for our family, for kids, for husband and then we constantly struggle our inner-self w/ the reality.  And even we try to do our best, there always be certain sacrifice involved and we could never want our kids to be!!

Every family has their own obstacle to be solved, for our family, how can we improve our children's education/manner is the most common argument. :P  Well, in fact, I like small "argument" and I think it is one way of communicating too.  I am a very optimistic person in general, and I enjoy the arty side of having an argument w/ DH. Why? Because most of the time I couldn't figure why DH has to be so upset over small thing and I would kind of joking around w/ him about it. Then again, DH would get even more upset or mad cause' he thinks I don't care enough!!!  Well, see, this is the difference between DH and I and that different personalities comes from two families!!

I would say, experience and wisdom are 2 main things required for a well-managed marriage.  Involving a non-stopping two-way communication through our life yet another key to a successful marriage. We are our kids' biggest role models after all, why don't we couple learn from each other and encourage each other along the course!! 

I hope every girl find their LOVE, or even just find a MAN and then teach him how to love YOU and YOUR family!!! 

When Abby is extremely hungry, she gets mad....... 
Niel grouches in a low tone!! ^O^

Gronalo is Ilona's current favorite snack!

Pei's son wants to be in my blog.... I guess! :P

Have a great Day!


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Great post, Rachel! Communication and common sense are so important in a relationship, and when it comes to kids, being the best role models to them just can't be beat. Coming from a family that is not exactly what I think a family should be, I especially appreciate it. The first picture of your children is just plain ADORABLE!! Your son looks so sad though, aww!.. Poor thing, hey waiter, bring the food faster!! lol

Savvy Gal said...

This is so true. As I am thinking about the future with BF, there is def lots of give and take as we are from two diff families. it is about mutual respect and acceptance.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, savvy girl:

It is great to hear that you have a very matured and the right attitude for marrige. For me, even I know it, it is still hard sometimes for us to really give in. haha... I alwasy think... man need to be educated and most of them just don't know women at all so it is up to us to let your loved one to know YOU and then improve your relationship!!

Good luck w/ your BF. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia: Thank you, dear.

I would think in certain way, you are definitely smarter/more independent than most people. People always are being shaped under certain situation!! That's not a bad thing at all. :)

haha... yes, kids are funny most of the time and they are the best lubricant between DH and I when we two sometimes are bored w/ each other. haha... haha......

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Thank you too :)


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