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Wear Runway look in real life: a smart way.

Every season I fancy new pieces and I procure them, don't you? And one thing I know I am good at isI constantly de-clutter my closet and I almost pull out unloved pieces every time I bought new pieces.  Should it be past or new season's piece, I try my best to wear past season clothes with new season's hot pieces.  So I can see if those past season pieces are still useful to me.  You know, you might have something similar from past season but you might accidentally throw those pieces away already. Regret not, like I said, life is too sweet that there is always something NEW for you to be adventurous about.  Simply, they are just clothes, no big deal!!!

Ruffle looks on runway. (source: 

Ralph Lauren brown sheer shirt with ruffle scarf (past season), H&M embroidery blazer with shoulder embellishment (cropped off sleeves), Zara (past season) shorts, Valentino rock studs heels, Chanel brown tote (past season), J crew bracelet, Elfi Altendorfer safety pin br…

A Fashion and Gastronomy trip in NEW YORK CITY

I am back from big apple, New York city. I have to say for anyone who loves fashion will love New York city.  My friend and I enjoyed this grand New York fashion and gastronomy trip every minute and every bite. 

I probably will do a proper annotation for each pictures but let's just have those pictures up for now. 

This sweater from Emporio Armani is love at first sight. All the green, navy and purple and the asymmetrical cut of boatneck make this sweater extraordinary.  
L'agence black shirt, Emporio Armani sweater, Helmut Lang leather jeggings, Jeffery Campbell studded boots

Dries Van Noten runway 2012 blouse and pants, Alaia golden sandals, Peter som fur

Me chilled in the cutest boutique hotel, Crosby street hotel. 

Me and New York Designer, Shui Chen. 

Rochas black backless top

Dsquare 2 leather dress with embroidery, Shui Chen gray cape with lamb leather trim.

Missoni for Converse with Joey Found hand-embellished spikes and cubics. 

I think I need to catch up my 3 hour time differe…

New York, here I come~~

It's all happening tonight. My friend, Alice, and I will be taking Red eye flight to New York city. I am overjoyed as it has been over 10 years since the last time I visited there. Well, that was long time ago when I was still a flight attendant for China Airline. Anyway... I probably should get back to my packing and polish myself for the last min. jet setting look. I probably should wear leggings or jeans on plane but I love skirts... so I am up for a skirt and stocking look tonight. ( You know, stocking/tights can help me ease the uncomfortableness from swelling.) And~~ I will see you in New York then.  Later~

( Pack the Marni coat just in case it gets chill during the night in New York.)

A.  Wang tank, Enza Costa burgundy drapy skirt, Falke stockings, Jeffery Campbell studded boots, Prada clutch, stripped cardigan, floral scarf,  Servane Gaxotte rabbit necklace 

 Wear your scarf for an extra chic look!
xoxo Rachel 

My memorable photo and a face-lift for Zara blazer.

I bought this Zara shoulder patch embroidery blazer while I was in Taipei during summer. Because I needed a black blazer quick for the bathing suit look that I did't really have time to look for a good one. Besides, I have way too many black blazers in my home in USA already that I refuse to shed big bucks for more blazers.  As far as the styles goes, I like the embroidery all over and the shoulder details but I am not so fond of the fitted but not tailored cutting.  Thus, I decided to give it a face-lift by removing its sleeves. Now instead of hiding unloved blazer in the corner of my closet, I think I like the new edgier and custom look even more.  

As for this bathing suit photo, I did for myself for a lifetime memory. 

Me in one piece bathing suit and Zara blazer. 
Photographer: Josh Chang
Make-up artist: Sunny Hsu
Make-up assistant: Stella Chiu 
Model: Rachel Cheng

The same Zara blazer. 

The new Cropped off sleeves vest look. 

Givenchy sequins with sash tank (past season), Zara-turned…

The Feather effect!

Coincidentally, I had feather on me these couple days.  Furs are fun but it has been around for so many seasons that finally something fresh, "feather", came along and I feel like playing around with the new looks with it. 

Sorry about not being so active on my blog these days as everyday my schedule is filled with my kids' school and extracurricular activities after 2 PM.  And you know how things can be all piled up if you don't keep up everyday's schedules and those house chores can occupy you a lot of time as well.  

But it doesn't mean I don't dress up everyday. I still do and I get more inspirations from life and places I go nowadays. Inspiration is how you see things differently from different angle of life and from people surround you, isn't it?? Ah ha, I must grow wiser as I speak....... as I wished.  

Prabal Gurung sheered black shirt with feather, Elisabeth & James ruched sleeves blazer, Tory Burch white satin panel pants, Spik…

The day that is cooler ~

The Now and Later look or you can say Day and Night look. 

Chanel dress spring 2012, St. John floral horn necklace, Glory Chen golden mesh heels with knots, J Crew bow bracelet, Servane Gaxotte rabbit necklace
American Apparel 3D floral mesh sweater + Chanel spring dress + Glory Chen golden mesh heels ... 

Think of a million ways to wear your fancy dresses. 
xoxo Rachel 

It's inspiring - Pants.

I know I don't have to wear completely new pieces to have a fresh look for every season. However, I do buy new pieces every season religiously. What I really want to say is there is nothing innovative in the fashion trend, so you don't have to rush into stores to procure runway pieces just yet.  Here is what I am inspired by the runway looks and after my interpretation, I think the look is fresh and stylish with a so-me look. Now, would you excuse me, I think I need to look for more inspirations. Ciao~

Haider Ackerman oversized in jewel-toned shirt, 3.1 Philip lim side zip contrasting pants, Hermes Kelly boots, Lanvin leopard happy tote, Servane Gaxotte cat n' rabbit 2 necklaces overlay. 

Inspired by loose fit shirt n' pants 
Peter Som fall 2012
Raoul grid leather top w/ teal color back, Helmut Lang leather jegging (currently on sale at Nordstrom), metallic pink clutch, two tones Converse, Max. & Co. textured leather jacket, St. John horn flower necklace

Hubby and me