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20 September, 2012

New York, here I come~~

It's all happening tonight. My friend, Alice, and I will be taking Red eye flight to New York city. I am overjoyed as it has been over 10 years since the last time I visited there. Well, that was long time ago when I was still a flight attendant for China Airline. Anyway... I probably should get back to my packing and polish myself for the last min. jet setting look. I probably should wear leggings or jeans on plane but I love skirts... so I am up for a skirt and stocking look tonight. ( You know, stocking/tights can help me ease the uncomfortableness from swelling.) And~~ I will see you in New York then.  Later~


( Pack the Marni coat just in case it gets chill during the night in New York.)
A.  Wang tank, Enza Costa burgundy drapy skirt, Falke stockings, Jeffery Campbell studded boots, Prada clutch, stripped cardigan, floral scarf,  Servane Gaxotte rabbit necklace 

 Wear your scarf for an extra chic look!
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

HappyFaceKat said...

Love the layered look on you. It's been so hot here in LA that I've forgotten all about layering! Especially with tights.... love tights!! You know, my uncle has been a pilot with China Airlines for over 25 years!! China Airlines stewardesses are always the nicest and most professional! :) Have fun in NY!!


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