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28 September, 2012

Wear Runway look in real life: a smart way.

Every season I fancy new pieces and I procure them, don't you? And one thing I know I am good at is I constantly de-clutter my closet and I almost pull out unloved pieces every time I bought new pieces.  Should it be past or new season's piece, I try my best to wear past season clothes with new season's hot pieces.  So I can see if those past season pieces are still useful to me.  You know, you might have something similar from past season but you might accidentally throw those pieces away already. Regret not, like I said, life is too sweet that there is always something NEW for you to be adventurous about.  Simply, they are just clothes, no big deal!!!


Ruffle looks on runway. (source: 

Ralph Lauren brown sheer shirt with ruffle scarf (past season), H&M embroidery blazer with shoulder embellishment (cropped off sleeves), Zara (past season) shorts, Valentino rock studs heels, Chanel brown tote (past season), J crew bracelet, Elfi Altendorfer safety pin bracelet 

Have fun de-clutter your closet.
xoxo Rachel 


shoesaddict said...

I am so jealous. your outfits always seem so well put together and they looked so proportionate on you. What sizes do you normally wear? do you have to make any alterations on some of your clothes? what's your height? i'm guessing you are tall with those long legs.

Rachel Cheng said...

Hey, Shoeaddit,
Thank u.
Regarding ur wondering about how can we wear store bought clothes so trailered on, the answers is u really do need to do adjustment/alteration sometimes. If I find the shorts didnt hit the right length, I fold them. As for trousers, I have seamstress alter them for me. It's just no matter if the clothes are from cheap brand or high end runway pieces, u have to make them work on urself. So, be brave, alter them, shorter them, didnt I say, they re just clothes, no big deal!! ^_^

Xo Rachel


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