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18 September, 2012

My memorable photo and a face-lift for Zara blazer.

I bought this Zara shoulder patch embroidery blazer while I was in Taipei during summer. Because I needed a black blazer quick for the bathing suit look that I did't really have time to look for a good one. Besides, I have way too many black blazers in my home in USA already that I refuse to shed big bucks for more blazers.  As far as the styles goes, I like the embroidery all over and the shoulder details but I am not so fond of the fitted but not tailored cutting.  Thus, I decided to give it a face-lift by removing its sleeves. Now instead of hiding unloved blazer in the corner of my closet, I think I like the new edgier and custom look even more.  

As for this bathing suit photo, I did for myself for a lifetime memory. 

Me in one piece bathing suit and Zara blazer. 
Photographer: Josh Chang 
Make-up artist: Sunny Hsu 
Make-up assistant: Stella Chiu 
Model: Rachel Cheng 

The same Zara blazer. 

The new Cropped off sleeves vest look. 

Givenchy sequins with sash tank (past season), Zara-turned-vest with shoulder details, Chanel red 226 reissue, J Crew necklace, Charlotte Olympia cat face black heels, Prada sunglasses 

Give yourself a face lift by trying new looks and shoot a photo of yourself for a life time memory. 
xoxo Rachel 


Michael St. James said...

HOT SHOT, RACHEL! I know I say it every time you wear it, but that Givenchy top is amazing. I definitely like the Zara blazer better as a vest.

Mona P said...

You look absolutely stunning! Wonderful shot!

And I too love the cropped version of the blazer!


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