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Innocently Materialistic!

No, I am not looking for an excuses for my recent purchases but Yes, I am talking about how I cherish friends' gifts that I had to show them my gratitude through wearing their gifts along with my ensembles ASAP

Aren't you so excited to see friends make good use of whatever stuff you bought especially for them?!! I would and I definitely want them to know that they and their gifts mean so much to me. 

Therefore, I am innocently materialistic while showing off those pretty things. 

Ben Amun triple chained beaded necklace (gifted from Cathy), Christian Louboutin heels, evil-eyes bracelet, madewell knotted bracelet, J crew black threaded crystal bracelet, momo's march wooden beaded bracelet 

This Prabal Gurung black sheer shirt becomes my classic and fun piece.  

{Cathy: As opposed to wearing the necklace mysteriously in a tribe look, I hope you'd like this one as well.) 

My Outfit Du Jour

 1. Top:
Prabal Gurung sheer bottom-down feather front/cut-out shoulder shirt (past seas…

This and That......

"Sequins" is like leopard pattern, a forever piece if you wear it right!!  Keep the whole look simple is the key. {Of course you might play the game differently if you are going to Las Vegas, right?! } 

The Dolce & Gabbana look is from Aug. fashion magazine which totally reminds myself my cheap sequined legging from Romeo & Julia. { bought at Loehman} 

Realway Vs. Runway!

Today my girl friends and I went out for lunch and to get together for my birthday. I couldn't believe my eyes as their personal style just got better and better and most importantly, I love all the gifts they picked for me. ^O^ {Yeah, this is the evil side of me when only think of myself.} But seriously, they are willing to have photos taken and under one condition: Make sure they all look pretty! {Hooray!!} 

On Pei: Zara top, Celine "Box" camel bag. She is very vintage-y look today.  {The facial expression on her just earned her another 10 points..... 99 pts. lol.} 

Ben Amun {There is mor…

Fun in SF City + French Soul Food Restaurant!

Peilly and I stopped byLF store on Union St. yesterday. We think it is the best place to shop for trendy and hip stuff AND relatively cheaper deals. Although their price isn't as cheap as we expected, now they have everything 60% off, it is a great chance to hunt something before your mind is all set for fall. {You know, when my mood is not yet set for upcoming fall, I'd look everything in darker color  just plain wired on me....but once I start shopping for fall, I couldn't wait to strut new stuff on the street.}

"State of mind" is interesting, isn't it!! 

This gorgeous This and That mixed wool cropped cape/poncho is from Anthropologie
My Outfit Du Jour 

All cheap knick-knacks, including that 15 years old G-shock watch. 

1. Top:
Mara Hoffman pleated front spaghetti strap camisole 
Kay Park tuxedo long blazer with cut-off shoulder

2. Bottom: 
Theory (thrifted) sequined mini skirt

3. Accessory:
J Crew triangle dangled earrings
Momo's march wooden beads bracelets
J C…

Get your Boots Ready?

I know, it's still summer but I couldn't wait to strut my boots out in the sun when I feel just a slightly cooler! It's hard to break a sweat here anyway. 

Straw Fedora hat, Madewell denim shirt, cotton blue blazer, Vince leather shorts, Orange Boss (past season) olive green suede platform boots, Proenza Schouler ps1 messenger, Momo's march sunbeam bracelet, Madewell bracelet, J crew triangle dangle earrings, G-shock watch

You can always have that extra flare when you pair shirt with jacket in the same-color fashion .

With the help from the right fashion element, your everyday look is always stylish and stay in trend. 

pic. taken from

My Outfit Du Jour 

Pink mesh sweater, tutu slip dress, TOGA leopard two-sides tights, leather collar with beads, leather converse with DIY studs, spike bracelet 

Dig in your closet and find your fall fashion elements. 
xoxo Rachel 

2011 A/W Trend Elements!!

The influx of emails from the shopping sites and new season's trends' alert almost paralyze my mail box. I mean, I almost have to delete at least 50 mails everyday just so I can read the rest of seem-to-be relatively important emails. {No, I certainly don't like seeing even 1 email alert which reminds me I might omit something important. } Well, is there something like "information left-out panic" phrases exist? I probably will be diagnosed with such syndrome if it does exist. lol I have CNN appl. on my iPhone and it gives "big news" alert everyday which makes me feel that I am not being left-out from the world or be such an illiterate myself. 

Anyway, I was talking on the phone with my friend, Isabel, the other day that how she decided to sell some of her old/past season clothes and how to "get inspired" by me!! Well, she said, she should be like me, wearing newly-bought clothes right away in the future in case she even forgets that she had th…

With My Whole Heart Thanks!!

I obtained my Zumba 1, 2 and Zumbatomic licenses and now I am an official Zumba instructor. Yey~~~ {I have all my friends' and family's blessing with me the whole time... and, yeah, you know, my dear hubby baby-sitted 3 children all the way in Napa for 3 days just so I can be closer to them while I had my training in Fairfield!! ^O^}

However, even thought now I am an official Zumba instructor, it doesn't mean I am going to teach or stop going to my mentor, my Zumba instructor's class. In fact, after I completed those training, it only inspires me how much effort and time you have to put into practice to be a good Zumba instructor. No matter what style he/she is, no matter if he/she has dancers background, it certainly needs a lot of commitment to be responsible to your students and to fellow instructors who seeks inspiration while they attending another instructors' classes. {*Kudos* to all the Zumba instructors out there and around the world!!}

{Thank you, Jennifer …