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31 August, 2011

Innocently Materialistic!

No, I am not looking for an excuses for my recent purchases but Yes, I am talking about how I cherish friends' gifts that I had to show them my gratitude through wearing their gifts along with my ensembles ASAP

Aren't you so excited to see friends make good use of whatever stuff you bought especially for them?!! I would and I definitely want them to know that they and their gifts mean so much to me. 

Therefore, I am innocently materialistic while showing off those pretty things. 

Ben Amun triple chained beaded necklace (gifted from Cathy), Christian Louboutin heels, evil-eyes bracelet, madewell knotted bracelet, J crew black threaded crystal bracelet, momo's march wooden beaded bracelet 

This Prabal Gurung black sheer shirt becomes my classic and fun piece.  

{Cathy: As opposed to wearing the necklace mysteriously in a tribe look, I hope you'd like this one as well.) 


My Outfit Du Jour

 1. Top:
Prabal Gurung sheer bottom-down feather front/cut-out shoulder shirt (past season)

2. Bottom:
wide pleated hight-waist skirt made in France(thrifty store find)

3. Accessory:
Elizabeth cole dagger Swarovski necklace
 Ben Amun beads necklace
J Crew vintage studs earrings
multiple colored beaded belt (bought in India)
Azzedine Alaia laser cut-out tote 
yellow opaque tights
green socks 

4. Shoes:
Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120 Patent White 11' s/s 

{PS. I have been asked/stopped by people who are wondering if I was carrying a puppy in my Alaia bag three times already.... Err,... }

Love in Summer!
xoxo Rachel 


lilyonthewater said...

Always looking awesome Rachel!
You are such a good friend, and yes I agree I'm over the top when my friends make good use of the things I got for them, it is more satisfying than buying things for myself!
I'm following you through FB, and I don't post here much, I will try to balance this out better!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, Lily girl. I am very appreciate you'd leave comment here once a while and I know a lot of friends just like you who only read my blog without leaving a trace/a word. haha... ^^
Yes, I have friend who loves to see friends wearing beautiful clothes and get some sort of appreciation out of it. lol.

Hope you have a fun day!!
xo Rachel

Chic Escape said...

love the colorful beaded necklace. such a statement piece!


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