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26 August, 2011

Get your Boots Ready?

I know, it's still summer but I couldn't wait to strut my boots out in the sun when I feel just a slightly cooler! It's hard to break a sweat here anyway. 

Straw Fedora hat, Madewell denim shirt, cotton blue blazer, Vince leather shorts, Orange Boss (past season) olive green suede platform boots, Proenza Schouler ps1 messenger, Momo's march sunbeam bracelet, Madewell bracelet, J crew triangle dangle earrings, G-shock watch


You can always have that extra flare when you pair shirt with jacket in the same-color fashion .

With the help from the right fashion element, your everyday look is always stylish and stay in trend. 

pic. taken from

My Outfit Du Jour 
Pink mesh sweater, tutu slip dress, TOGA leopard two-sides tights, leather collar with beads, leather converse with DIY studs, spike bracelet 

Dig in your closet and find your fall fashion elements. 
xoxo Rachel 

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