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14 August, 2011

Everyday Stylish!!

Weekday look 

BCBG black tee with lace trim, AllSaints grayish black knitting maxi dress, Opening Ceremony crochet leggings, J crew military belt, leather Converse with DIY studs, Chanel garden tweed 11' , Chanel sunglasses, brass necklace, lotta djossou Paris bird cuff



Today as on Saturday 

If you ask me what's the difference of my looks, I'd tell you, "my hair"!!  I have a more relaxed mood to do my hair extension during the weekends as opposite to the weekdays. lol. Ok, that sounds just lame, well, the point is no matter what day it is, you should always try to look into your best and have a smile on you!!


Wishfully my bang is long enough for me to do braiding.... well, if not, I just have to pin it all up.... ^O^


J Crew metallic sweat shirt, Kapital black cotton jacket with attached scarf, yellow harem pants, banded heels, wool loop earrings, purple feather clip, momo's march sun-beam bracelet, madewell braided bracelet, Club monaco bracelet, Chanel 08' Rodeo Drive in perforated metallic black 


Big kisses to dearest hubby who pulled over our car on the road side just so he can take photos for me as my requests!! ^O^


Anna said...

Whoa! DIY studs! You are so artsy! (Haha, now I can make my own CL studded very prives for less!)

litlstrawberry said...

Ha, Anna, it's DIY studs but I didn't do it myself!! SOneone did the awesome work! However, the inside closure fir those studs would rub my ankle if not wearing socks, so I am not sure if u want to do the same thing for very prive heels!! Ha...
Xo Rachel

Anna said...

Oooooh, thanks for letting me know! Yes, I am definitely reconsidering now >_< I guess I can stick to "strass" for now...

PS: Thanks for adding me on FB! I added you :)

Mona P said...

Love the pop of yellow colour! Perfect for summer!

Sorry, I haven't been able to comment as much. I've been travelling with family.

But I am back now :)


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