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11 August, 2011

Are you GREEN enough?

So, are you green enough? No, I am not talking about ecology nor Permaculture subjects here. 

Just when I have been in the doldrums after picking kids up from their day-camps since  noon, Pei and Cathy came over to my house to cheer me up in the afternoon. {I must be dehydrated because of the scorching sun...}

Coincidently, Pei showed me a shirt she bought from Zara and I happen to pre-order the same colored shirt in June and just received couple days ago from Florence. Things like this isn't a diurnal occurrence so we both are very excited about how we could have the insight of (perhaps) what's next big color in fall!!!  {Must be the reason that we are close friends and we have similar brain waves........ } ^O^

Ooh la la ~~~
Alaia red laser-cut tote 11' {Yeah~~ my perfect Napa get-away bag next weekend!!}, Haider Ackermann oversized satin shirt 11' f/w, momo's March sun-beam bracelet 

Celine "BOX" bag in Brown 11', Zara shirt 11', J crew accessories

Back to my business.... 

I am very happy about the alternation of a thrift find - Dior blouse since 2008. It is now one shouldered blouse with floral knots at sides and I still feel very "current" when wearing it on. 
Christian Dior thrift-find color blocks and flower patch-work blouse *altered*, J Crew brown-green cardigan, Levis coral skinny jeans, Proenza Schouler large satchel, J Crew earrings, momo's march Sun-beam bracelet, Chanel Sunglasses, black flats with studded bows *bought in Rome*


I love how distinctive each color on me yet how harmony they blend in with one another. 
Finally... my hair is growing... longer... 

Find your green.
xoxo Rachel 


Mona P said...

Love your Zara shirt and Celine bag!

Perfect and rich colours for fall!

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Mona, those are my friend Pei's fall score. ^O^ Mine is Alaia and Haider Ackermann. ...



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