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08 August, 2011

Everyday Denim Do!!

Denim look can be boyish, feminine or could be a flavor of both in your daily look! Easy piece....  give it a try?!! ^o^

Your fixed shoes and bag combo. definitely can help you save the time to switch gears for your different daily outfits. See, here I proved to you that you don't need to worry so much of matching bag with shoes for different outfits and boyish messenger bag doesn't have to match with brogues or sneakers look.


Madewell cobalt t-shirt, Plastic Island boyfriend blazer, GAP sequins skinny scarf, Boyfriend jeans, studded belt, Anstasia Bice heels, Proenza Schouler ps1 bag, J crew studs earrings, Chanel sunglasses, piled bracelets and momo's march Sun-beam diamond bracelet 


Madewell denim shirt + floral silk jump suit (wore as pants) + lace belt + Proenza Schouler PS1 

Love my leather converse sneakers with studs... {I may use those studs as bullets...if I had a gun..... lol.}

Madwell denim shirt, Vera Wang Lavender label wide pleated skirt, J Crew studs earrings, London bought necklace, Momo's march "full moon" bracelet 
{....err, Proenza Schouler ps1 didn't show here, but I swear that I carried that bag to WholeFoodsmarket! lol}

Always, always, always, roll up your denim sleeves to kick up that too plain and twist la Garcoone look to a more feminine side.

Anastasia Bice leopard heels with bow + Urban Outfitter sheer stripe socks 

Have fun in denim.
xoxo Rachel 

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