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03 August, 2011


I went to superior court today for my traffic violation.  I know this is nothing to be proud of but one police officer did made my day "lighter" while I checked in my stuff for security. 

Routinely, I took off my watch, my belt (the 2nd outfit is what I wore to the court in the morning) and my bag and placed them in the box to go through security belt.  But as you might guessed, the alarm sounded/or peeped while I walked through x-ray.... { "Shoot, it must be my Alexander Wang combat velvet boots."...... I was thinking of that in my mind why the alert sounded.}

When I was about to bend down to loosen the troublesome shoelaces on my boots, I heard one of the police officer said, "No, she is clear. Let her." And the moment I looked into his eyes "confused", he added, "Oh, I love those boots, those boots are great!!"  Then he said it again to me... {I think the air freezed a sec. there as I could only responded him in a very weak voice "Wow, thank you."}...Even thought I was ecstatic inside and with a sly grin on my face. 

......  Anyway, I went ahead and grabbed my stuff .....

Are those boots bringing back his army memory?? (He looks around 50 to me.) "Maybe!!?" ^O^

AllSaints grid maxi dress, American Vintage cotton maxi dress (inside), Alexander wang combat velvet boots, wool loop earrings

My ODJ 1. 

1. Top:
Paul and Joe sister fuchsia long tee
Kapital  black cotton jacket with attached scarf and gold embroidery trim 

2. Bottom:
Mandarin and general washed silk pants 

3. Accessory:
Elisabeth Cole 14k dagger necklace 
RUGBY wide belt

4. Shoes:
A. Wang boots




My ODJ 2. 
Max Co. (past season) layered dress, Kapital jacket w/ attached scarf and gold trim, A. Wang boots, Proenza Schouler ps1, white lace belt, J Crew studs earrings, Elisabeth Cole dagger necklace

Yu, I and the kids had a wonderful time in downtown Los Gatos. 

Is fall coming soon?
xoxo Rachel 

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