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15 August, 2011

Upcoming Fall...get your RED yet?

baby pink sweater, H&M burgundy high waist pants, Alexander Wang Abby sandal, big brim brown hat, Chanel 226 black distressed reissue, Madewell braided bracelet, shell/brass earrings 

The transitional season is most annoying for that we are sort of getting tired of past season clothes but it is too early to wear new season collection just yet... .. so why not save the money and re-style yourself from current wardrobe!! 

Have a good Monday!
xoxo Rachel 


Savvy Gal said...

Am thinking red this fall too. I think I will finally venture into skinny jeans. Just want to make sure I find a good style so I won't insult myself. : )

litlstrawberry said...

yeah, the skinny jeans is always there regardless trendy or not. I saw has DKNY red skinny jeans on sale..(hopefully I remember it correctly. )

Then I also realized I have total 3 red bags including new Alaia but not one of the red reissue which gifted to my mom this summer. >< Maybe I can take a group pictures of them.....since I never thought i'd like RED so much!! :P
Have a good day!!
xo Rachel


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