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10 August, 2011

Make Style Profoundly Personal!

Yes, style should be very personal! 

It takes time and effort to cultivate one person's taste..... for books, for movies, for living, for friends, for wardrobe {You know, including your clothes, shoes, baubles, ....} and for almost everything.  We have an old Chinese saying, "If you don't read a book/page a day, your face would look horrified."........ Like you would not be able to have the wisdom to overcome insuperable obstacles in your life!! Err, ok, I may sound discursively if I continue but hopefully you get what I am trying to say here. 

pic. taken at Vanita boutique in Taipei 
(Top: Helmut Lang asymmetrical one shoulder tee. Courtesy by Vanita boutique.)

If you followed my blog all the way back when I was in Taipei, you will remember this pic. .. and this moment. {Again, f I sound too sentimental here that's because I do miss a little my friends back home. ^_^}  Now, we girls all have momo's March bracelets, yeah!!!!! 


Today I wore this asymmetrical skirt again which brings me back the happy moment I had with friends in Taipei. 


 Max Mara weekend neon green tank w/ pocket and twisted knot in the back (past season but love it...)
Helmut Lang Frequency striped maxi skirt (Here is The one on Shopbop.)
Straw fedora
Hermes Lindy Rubis 30cm
BCBG generation nude wedge sandals



I am painting one of my wall in the house in "GRAY".... 
stay tuned..
xoxo Rachel 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love the skirt and really like this Chinese saying! How true is that!

Savvy Gal said...

you are right, it does take time to develop one's own style. on the way, i have done some funny things which looking back, makes me cringe.

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, girls, you two def. have a distinctive taste about life in general. You rock!! ^O^

Have a great weekend ahead!!

xo R.

Mona P said...

Rachel, I love this look on you!

Very relaxed and laid-back!


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