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Inimitable Style- How to accessorize leather accent!

Everyone has different wardrobe, don't we!?  Say, even we are given the same wardrobe, the chances of choosing the same outfit with exact same accessory would be pretty slim... or I bet it is almost impossible!!! Agree?! 


1. Top:
Merveille H. sheer chiffon blouse 
Elisabeth and James ruched sleeves blazer

2. Bottom:
Zara cropped pants

3. Accessory:
Korea local-made leather collar with beads 
Chanel 08' multiple resin/stones star brooch
Chanel Fantasy Garden tweed reissue with charms 11' 
Lotta djossou Paris brass bird cuff 

4. Shoes:
Anastasia Bice leopard with mint-colored bow heels 

{No one can peek through this black Victoria Secret strapless bra underneath my is so secured hugging on my chest.} ^O^
{I feel like putting on rabbit ears on my head here...... hum...must be the black collar.... lol.......}

I believe this should be the same bra Victoria Secret or le Mystere worn by Olivia Palermo. ^O^
(pic. source)

There are still couple more revamps needed to be done aro…

Maniacal Fashioinista....

Would you sleep with a fashion magazines or picture of a thing or a person you yearned for under your pillow?



Well, just curious. I don't think I am ever such a maniac, neither.  

A fellow reader asked me if I could do a "ORANGE" look for her as she has an orange sheath and would like to get some inspiration. Well, I don't own any orange dress but I hope this so orang-y Vince cropped top would help. ^O^ You know, such as you can pair a suede brown or wheat pump with orange sheath dress ...... ... to play with the colors.  

Since today kids and I had a plan to visit SF Zoo, so I wore along this whole look on me to the city. I'd say my look is inspired from 60's ... the "mini", can you tell? And of course I brought along a pair of flip flops with me to switch off my Prada gold stripy wooden sandals while strutting in the zoo. lol. {yeah, you know, switch shoes in the zoo just for the sake of taking photos is pretty crazy, huh, don't you th…

Voluptuous... My Accessory!!!

I may be a voluptuary but I am definitely nothing close being voluptuous. So, who else? 

Errr... nobody, I only mean this pair of baby, "Anastasia Bice’s Nubuck Print Nappa Bow Pumps" , isn't she a voluptuous luxury goddess!!!
I purchased her at like two month ago and I believe I have showed the pic. (you can click the link.)
 { FYI: I constantly have a discounted code in the hyperlink at right side of the bar for Luisaviaroma and I, myself, got those at 50% off discount too.} 

Leather/suede sheath (vintage find), Vince gray cardi., Anastasia bice leopard w/ bow heels, Proenza Schouler ps1 clutch, Marni horn 3D flower necklace.  

I feel like a Barbie after putting on this pair of heels. .... , magically! ^_^

(FYI: the arch for this baby is not comfortable but I managed walking in them for almost 2 hours.) 

I am having so much fun with my kids.... (FYI, the cookies we made didn't turn out perfectly the other day, I need another try. ^~^  )
xoxo Rachel

Polka Dot or Spotty?

We think polka dot is adorable, don't we? And it is one pattern that doesn't age while we are aging. ^_^

The polka dot or whatever you call it "spotty" look is omnipresent on runway and on the street the past couple seasons. I don't have many pieces in polka dot but this one from "Lilith"  certainly serves me well.  Hubby doesn't like this combo. look in the center of me but after seeing those runway looks, it is not that bad after all, is it? lol...

pic. source: 

All Saints asymmetrical cut knit maxi dress, Vince maxi dress, BCBG generation wedge, Proenza Schouler ps1 yellow clutch 

cookies... kids want to make cookies... I need a fool-proof recipe. ^^
xoxo Rachel


A total dress up from previous very casual outfit!! 

Christian Louboutin heels + Chanel 11' Fantasy Garden tweed bag with charms 

Fringe Rave.... 

When I was in our Taipei trip last week, couple of my friends wore fringe tops/tanks and I thought it is such a fun look. They are not such a bold dresser comparing to me but I guess as long as you get the flavor of wearing a particular kind of style, and be comfortable in it, it doesn't matter what other people think. 

Pic. taken from Allsaints store in San Francisco. 

Chanel Tassel coat + Garden tweed = Divine 

Moooi design 

{Light shade Shade D70: Semi-transparant Mirror Film Shade, Metal Frame Structure} 

I found another two wall cones which has similar ideas/design as the shade from Moooi to match up the look along my stairs. 

 Next.... shall make fun cookies with my kids... ^^
xoxo Rachel

Looking Youthful...

No, I am definitely not being worked out to look YOUNG, and I don't want to be overly dressed up to look sexy either. I always wear something that reflects some of my personalities and people would say I always look very YOUTHFUL.

Yeah, that's it!! I want to look youthful but not in inappropriateyoung outfits.

Past season Boss silver sheath, H&M lace cropped jacket, Trippen shoes, Chanel 11' Garden collection tweed bag

I went to see my dentist and did teeth whitening. Boy, you know how sensitive it gets after couple hours and how it is stressful when you have to deal with the sudden harsh pinch from the nerves. That's it.... I promise I will brush or rinse right after each cup of tea or coffee but I will never go back for teeth-whitening. lol.

{Coincidentally, while I was sitting in the dental office, I read this ad. from fashion mag. which I just mentioned how quick you can have an express Espresso at home in my blog. ^^} 
Let your inner wild side shine through .... {…

Modern Stuff

I bought this Espresso stove-top dripper in Rome during last London and Italy trip last year. I never had the time to try it out or I should say I never thought it would be so quick to drip a cup of Espresso. How quick? Quicker than I finish texting several sentences of this exciting experience on FB this morning. 

This is single cup Espresso and they are available for dripping dual cups of Espresso at the same time. 
Brand new installed hardwood floor and new paint on kitchen cabinet.  {I am glad we did it during our trip in Taipei...yeah...}
Our house is brighter than ever, thanks to the white cabinets and big windows in the kitchen and family room. 

I am a habitue of both the city of San Francisco and its surrounding museums. lol. Hubby and I appreciated the fact that there are plenty of places for family to visit during the weekdays or even the weekends in USA. The least hubby could stand staying in Taipei is that everywhere is so crowded especially during the weekends.
We are finally …