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02 July, 2011

A Gambit!!

The moment I posted a pic. of my new Chanel baby on FB, hubby texted me all the way from Indonesia!! ^O^

Hubby: .. ... Did you just spend on a big item w/o discussing with me? How much is it?

Rachel:... hum.. oh, yeah, THAT! (CHANEL BAG) It is about $4000. BUT I SOLD A CHANEL BAG too, remember?! @@


Rachel texted back instantly: I love you!!

Hubby texted back: I love you too!!!

Rachel.... happy as a clam!! lol... 


Today, hubby took kids to the bookstore while waiting for me to be done at salon. 

Hubby told me that in the bookstore, Ilona holds a toy in her hand and says: "Dad, do you remember that you said I can buy a toy like this?" {Ilona says it with a big smile on her!}

Hubby: ...... no, I didn't say that!!

Ilona: ....hum,... then Grandpa said that I can buy this!!

Hubby:.....*&%%$*)>>...... lol.{Silence}

So, would you say "like Mother, like daughter"!!! However, Ilona's gambit didn't get her a toy today. ^O^ 



1. Top:
Marni gold dress (past season)

2. Bottom:
REDValentino high waist jeans 11'

3. Accessory:
Marni horn floral necklace (past season)
Chanel garden collection reissue 11'

4. Shoes:
Prada gold strapy sandals


The tailor on this Marni dress is magnificent!!


Thanks to my friends, Mandy and her hubby, who treat us a total fun day in Grand Hotel!!

xoxo Rachel


EngineeringFashionista said...

Hi Rachel, long time no post. Looks like you and your family are having a fabulous time in Taiwan. I haven't been to the Grand Hotel in ages, looks like fun. There's so much to see and do in Taiwan; I especially miss the food. I look forward to taking my kids there and showing them around.

litlstrawberry said...

Yeah, how have you been, girl?^^ Hope your family are doing well. THere are a lot of things to do in Taiwan and we have so little time, .. we didn't plan a trip to visit some other places in Taiwan since Niel has his Chinese school everyday. But I am taking him "ONLY" with me and visit Korea with my other gal friend next week. :)
Hope you have a fun summer!!

LinLin said...

Hahaha.. I love this post, it's so funny :) The tweed bag is goregous! I miss Taiwan.


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