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04 July, 2011

Friend's Shopping List!!!

Irene and both our sons are going to visit Korea together on 7/14 - 7/17 and we are going to explore there on our own. ^^ Friends has been kindly reminding us to bring a suitcase with us while we are shopping in Korea. I am sure we are going to have so much fun for that just mothers and sons trip!!

These days I am appreciating friend's taste/desire/coveted items and I found it is just as much fun as shopping for myself. Besides, It's good that I already found myself a Chanel garden reissue, otherwise, I might become fickle and bought myself a Givenchy Pandora bag and Fendi Silvana bag instead. lol.  Don't get me wrong, I adore both Givenchy and Fendi collections. And you know what, ONE Chanel tweed Garden bag costs almost equally as one Givenchy Pandora plus one Fendi Two-bag!! ^O^

Middle Left: Fendi Twobag
Middle Right: Silvana

Have fun shopping with your friends.
xoxo Rachel

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