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Patterns & Texture!!

I am experimenting the mix look of patterns and texture of my ensemble this week. They don't all come out perfectly but I am learning from my mistakes. lol

I am catching up Gossip Girl slowly and currently I am in season 2 still. The good thing is I didn't suffer from the emotional collapse when I want to know immediately what's NEXT in between episodes, lol bad thing is all their looks are past season and I can only get inspired that much. haha...

I bought this Erickson Beamon cluster necklace for target in June and someone wants to buy it off to match her dress to a wedding dinner. Honestly, I'd really love to sell this eye-catching necklace for someone who adores it too but I couldn't seem to think of a right value of it. Besides, i bought the matching earrings for the necklace so I have to either sell them both or none!!!

Yesterday (Tuesday)!

I don't like my bang that day, neither do I like the length of the skirt...too long. :<

Tse ruched black tank, sle…

Not Miu Miu booties. Givenchy it is!!!!

I had to jump out of bed literally when I just realized that new boots of mine is Givenchy instead of Miu Miu I stated on my earlier post.

Well, it is impossible for me to make such mistake but I guess w/ in-laws visiting, even I couldn't keep my mind clear anymore!!

Rachel (Mom): What did you say, sweetheart?

Ilona: "Mom!! Don't blame the fault on others!!"

Rachel (mom): Oh, Ok, I admitted it.
I bought too many pair of boots this season and I should stop!! :P

Let's give this edgy boots a closer look again! :)

Since when I started to lay my eyes on WEDGE booties when I don't even like wedge that much at the beginning!! lol

Rachel (mom): See? Fashion is a crime and I don't even know when I committed. haha......

Ilona: Mom!! What I just said!!

Rachel (mom): Ok, ok, dear!! I shouldn't spend so much time reading those fashion magazine!! :P

BusyBee -- The Outfit and The Life!!

Yesterday I bumped into Yu in the supermarket. I was joking w/ her that why would she carry Hermes Lindy to do grocery shopping!!!!he he ...

Of course I saw her all dressed up and must have gone somewhere fancy for lunch. Indeed, she had a lunch meeting w/ her another group of gals. :) I love her almost mono-toned simple outfit paired w/ color-pop yellow Lindy and eye-catching CL heels from s/s.

I like Yu's necklace who bought in Paris but I am not so fond of that double strings wearing w/ huge pearl right in the middle of her throat!! ha ha ha....
(Don't be mad at me, Yu!!:P)

H&M denim inspired leggings w/ CL pumps.

I, dressed as usual, busy and colorful outfit no matter do I have a lunch date or not!! :P One blog reader "Dos3n" had this very same Jean Paul Gautier dress as mine so I think I should just wear it once more to get some brain storm from each other!!!

I intended to make the dress work into fall.

1. TOP:
Jean Paul Gautier toile dressEarl Jean tulle topMax …

New Closet or New Vanity desk first??

I said that I want to give our tiny wall-in closet a face-lift couple months ago just to organize our clothes, belt, accouterments, .... everything better.

It never happened!!


Cause' I think a Vanity desk is more of a necessity to me than an well-organized closet when I already had MY WAY of sorting my clothes out. :P

So I decided to get myself a vanity desk first. Besides, I still have that superstitious thoughts in my head that women would save more money when they have a vanity desk w/ the biggest drawer fit underneath of it in her master bedroom. hahah....... I don't know if you believe it but from my observation of my mom and cousins, I choose to believe it!! lol

Here are two I found pretty charming to me. They are quite not serve the purpose of doing make-ups for but I think they'd work as one!!

They are French imported furniture and I would try to work such rustic look into our master bedroom.

This writing desk is about $300 and you can pull out that desk a little m…

Mom's Big Splurge on buying BOOTS!!! Part II !!

I said, whenever I have new acquisition, I almost wear it right away.... If not literally, I still manage to wear them ASAP!!

Speaking of time is money, the time you kept them in the closet or on the shelf is a big waste of money IMO!! hheee........ :P

Here are all the fun I had this afternoon when Ilona is napping and after she woke up!! Well, actually, the fun ended when Ilona bugs me going down stairs looking for her grand-mom and grand-pa!!! :)

Like I said before, when you notice a particular brand name shampoo causes your hair shed more, you better switch to other brands.

So I did!!!

I notice that maybe my scale doesn't like Ferraki so much, then I switch back to my used-to-be-my-fav. hair cleaning regime. All nature ingredients product : Ojon!! I also love Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious cream but it is salon exclusive so I had to get that next week when I go back to my hair designer!!

From left to right: Ojon light weight hydrating gel/ Ultra hydrating shampoo/conditioning, R…

Mom's Big Splurge on buying BOOTS!!! Part I !!

How come the weather gets so warm these couple weeks?!! So, I hate it!!


Well, to begin with, I must say I have way enough boots and I also admit that I never buy these many pairs of boots in one season!!!! lol I wish I can wear them as much as I can but darn the weather that I can only wear them to SF city where is much cooler than suburban!!

My New Givenchy chained wedge ankle boots!

Let's count how many pairs of boots I bought since Barney's legendary warehouse sale.

1. Chloe tan boots

2. Chloe taupe/purple tall boots

3. Chanel 09 s/s white mesh w/ bows booties

4.Minnetonka brown fringe suede boots

5. Givenchy black wedge w/ chain booties (have not posted)

6. Hermes black riding boots w/ Kelly locks (have not posted)

I think if I seriously sum up all the price of above boots, it is close to the cost of small Hermes Kelly!!lol

Guilty? Yes, absolutely!!

What did I do then?!!

1. To justify my out of control splurge, I returned CL maroon sling back heels couple weeks ago. (Brand ne…