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06 September, 2009

A Face Lift for My Lanvin Leopard Happy Sac!!

Lanvin happy partage metallic lame bag

I am very in love w/ my Lanvin leopard Happy sac which I bought last year. It is past season now but the look stays timelessly.

Lanvin original black w/ brass metal turn-lock

This year, Lanvin improvised this bag as it is bigger and the shoulder straps holds the bag's shape better. Last year, they only use half interwoven ribbon and 1 chic key chain to secure the two holes when carries single-chained. You can't really move the key chain as the bag tends to be saggy w/o the key chain and ribbon bow as stretchers at two sides!!!

Here is my leopard happy sac from 2008. I bought my bag at Barneys and they have the whole bag of small parts inside Lanvin's repair kit in the store. I saw all the different looks of turn-locks and spared key chains when my SA pull out the repair kit. I am happy that I don't have to wait for months to have my bag repaired...since it only is lace of a screw!! My SA is really really nice to switch the new lock for me when I asked I want a new one for my bag ------ meaning a different look of turn-lock!!!!! There I had been granted my wish!! Oh, now I just remembered that I should have asked my SA give me another key chain.....just in case!! lol

Barney's has bronze color of that partage metallic bag and I think the color is gorgeous!!!!

A new leopard happy sac w/ tortoise turn-lock!! Isn't that cute or what!!!!

Since Legging is a big trend this fall, how about be creative like they layered this sexy leggings inside a pair of corduroy jeans!!

I love this RUGBY military-inspired white jacket very much and it gives me an attitude but not provocative!! :)

I wore this whole ensemble to SF city on Sat. w/ my older daughter, Abby.
She was so patiently waiting for me to try out things....well, of course, she was busy watching cartoons on my i-phone!!

You know, I just love my Fallon Santa Clara Spiked chocker very much and I have to make it work w/ almost every outfit of mine. :P

Like Lily said, Gris T. Birkin goes w/ any color of shoes.....there I had my black riding boots on!!


dos3n said...

i love that rugby jacket! do they still have it in the stores? I think i want one for this fall. great outfit btw :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, dos:
You is original $185 but on sale for $59..... $59!! What a deal, right?!!! It is linen though not cotton. I think I can layer another coat or something over it in the winter...hehe...

Liz W said...

Yay, you got your Birkin! It looks lovely on you, as I knew it would. That outfit rocks.

Purse Addict said...

Love the jacket and of course...the Birkin is PERFECTION!

LilKristy said...

Rachel, I love the jacket! I checked out their websit but i didn't see the jacket. :( $59.00? that is such a great deal!! I love her you wear your birkin with your boot. You look so pretty with your hair half way up like that :).. I'm pretty skinny n petite so it is hard for me to find a jacket that fit me :(.. It is getting cold in Minnesota now so i have to go find a jacket that look chic and warm :)..

btw, I love the Laura Merciet tinted mosturizer. thank you for your tips :).

LilKristy said...

" I meant i love how you wear your birkin with your boot" heheh

susanh98 said...

OMG,OMG,OMG....LOVE your Birkin!!! The color is just so nice because it goes with everything. But i'm biased because grey is one of my fave colors. hahaha.
I also love seeing how you wear the white matte reissue...I have the exact one too. How is yours holding up? Do you clean it often? I don't use mine that often for fear of getting it dirty...what a shame right?
Anyway love seeing your pics! :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Liz W: Thanks. :) I am sure you will look fabulous w/ Birkin too. :)

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Jenny: how are you?!! Must check to see if you update your blog after 500th post!!! :)

Thanks, girl. That jacket is a great substitution from a luxury branded one. :p

litlstrawberry said...

Hello, skinny girl, Kristy, :) Thank you for your kind word.... Hum..they don't have it on line? Maybe you can call their store...and you know what, they give extra 10%off to students!!! Well, w/ a valid i don't know if you will get the deal ordering through the phone..probably not...but worth trying!!!

Check out their new leggings for fall. We were eyeing one the other day w/ my friend, Yu, but they don't have any more sizes in the store.... I think their collection will look cute AND sexy on your petite frame plus you are still a college student too.... (even thought we are way old for their collection but we couldn't resist keeping looking YOUNG. hahahahaha)

Oh, I am glad you like the moisture as I use it everyday too. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Susan: I assume you didn't take it w/ you to Taiwan.... even I want to trade mine w/ my mom (I gave black caviar jumbo w/ GH to her) I am afraid the weather in Taiwan will turn the matte white into GRAY jumbo one day!! ha ha ha....

Oh, I didn't clean my matte white YET..but maybe it is time to give her a SPA treatment!! :P

susanh98 said...

hey R;

yeah no way i took the white one to taiwan. Plus with the unpredictable weather there where it rains out of nowhere i think it was best i didn't take the white one. I took my matte grey reissue camera bag instead. That one is very easy to take care of and I don't worry as much.
LOVE your grey lambskin jumbo. Your style is simply FAB :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Susan. Yay, no way would I want to carry WHITE bag to Taiwan. Unless it is NO branded!! haha..

Thank you and I love my lambskin gray very much too. You know, Gray is not my fav. color but it works w/ every other color and since I have so many colors of thinging.... sometimes a GRAY something becomes a MUST!! :)

dos3n said...

only $59? wow, what a great deal! it looks a lot lot more than that, every thing you own looks so expensive! I can't find it online, maybe i will call the stores.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, dos: yep, it is sometimes hard to come by w/ such a great tailored and great price jacket!!!! They have couple left in the store of Stanford shopping center and maybe you can try to call there. :)


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