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Debut of Miu Miu studded pump 2010!

Since day 1 that I bought myself a coffee machine Jura ENA 5, I am used to have a cup of coffee at home before I go out.  

I think it is a good habit that I limit myself to drink less than 2 cups of coffee a day and avoid using store cups/lids by drinking out of my portable mug. ..... Doing very little help to save the earth...I assume!!  Obviously, not today though!! ^^

Today I have to visit my friend, Renee, in SF city before she flies out to Shanghai on Sunday. But first thing first that I have to do some house chores such as putting away my Halloween decor. (see, we are even ahead of the holidays!), vacuuming the floor, washing our micro-suede sofa covers since we had guests over for Halloween parties( I am also a semi-hygenic freak.) and my duvet cover. 

Don't you just love the clean and crisp scent of cleaning sheets/sofa!! 

My normal breakfast: Coffee and English Muffin or any sweet pastry that I can get myself one. 


1. Top:
peace symbol military green tee
Chanel 08 red/gray…

Autumn Coat! (updated 10/29/2010)

RUGBY polo shirt, Kapital blazer, J Brand cargo jeans, Pierre Hardy platform sandal, Proenza Shouler PS1 clutch. 

I especially love the "S" curve at back of this blazer... only the best seamstress could achieve that!!

Lauren Moffat melton cape. (courtesy image)

Isabel w/ her simple Marni coat! (past season, good as new!)
J crew long tee, Marni necklace, current Elliot boy friend skinny jean, YSL easy tote (this year). 

Pei's gray cape by Chris and jaime!!

Cathy is trying out aryn K  poncho cape in mustard and gray!

A beret w/ same shade of that poncho would complements the whole retro look even better!!

Judy had her down feather jacket on which relatively tells you that today is just soooooo~ cold.
What's your favorite fall and winter coat this season!!?? xoxo Rachel

Our Parents' Day Starts w/ Kid's School Halloween Party !!! (Updated)

My day didn't end at 8 PM after my Zumba dance yesterday! 
There are cheese/ham/lettus on Hawaii sweet buns, tuna melt w/ fuji apples sandwiches, (vega) Fuji apples w/ cucumber on lemon butter jelly sandwiches.

I signed up for making sandwiches for my son's class, bringing goodies for Abby's whole classmates and fresh-cut fruits w/ muffins to Ilona's class. I think I am trying to be fair to all my 3 children that once I participate ONE, i'd be involved in all 3 of their class parties!!

Our day today starts w/ Niel's first costume parade at school!!

Niel's costume parade at 8:15 AM...which is a big deal to me that I normally am playing my make-up and dress-up at home by myself during that time! Lol. 
Rushing to another school~ Vroom ~ Vroom~

Ilona's 2nd costume parade around 9:30 AM. 
This is the most creative (from store bought) costume ever~~ w/ that hand-made mail box!! ^^

Ilona's 2nd costume of the year - TInker Bell!


Aryn K. tartan poncho ( a barga…


I think I am famous among my friends for myprowess on taking any fashion trendand trying it on myself. 

Can't deny it. I love challenge if I had the chance. 

What NOW?

Cathy bought me and herself a turban but I have not yet had the chance to try it on (on the way shipping to us)..... but a scarf would do the same trick!! ^^

I tied turban w/ Hermes hot air balloon silk scarf!

I don't know why I'd bite Cathy's trick of wearing this turban hat to my son's school and around on the street.... 

Please use your imagination to put this lower puzzle w/ my upper torso!! lol.

I am keeping this for my mom until~~ 
Chanel red 10A Classic jumbo w/ blue/purple undertone!

Friend asked why I'd buy so many "square" shapes of Chanel flaps.... aren't they boring?! 
No, of course NOT, I said.
 I can carry them in many ways. Besides, they are covetable for the fact of their classic looks which also makes them perennial favorite!!

Going to 3 kid's Halloween parties!
See you late…

Take on Sheer Trend!

Girls all have a monthly thing~ lol

Today I have a big craving for sweetness and I am glad that I am not eating ALONE!

Today is such a beautiful day in Saratoga city!

I finished the whole piece of traditional bread pudding~~ it really is infused w/ strong bourbon in the sauce. 

Looks like I had way too much Kahlua coffee there~~ 
ps. I am not an alcoholic...doesn't even come close~~~ ^O^

My girl friends share another dessert - Tiramisu. 
I don't normally share dessert if I really had that kind of craving!! I like to have my WHOLE thing for myself!

Thanks to Cathy and Vivian that they two are being dragged walking around the town by me!

If I had a pair of riding shorts, I would have totally taken on that style and wear it inside my polka dot sheer dress. lol

Friends told me that they are shopping inside their wardrobe.... that's really a good thing! But you know, it also means that you should donate some old clothes while you shop at your own closet. You don't have to buy fancy s…

Seductive- At Work n' on mommy/wife duty!!

Boss leopard haltered blouse, Kapital cotton blazer, HM wool pencil skirt, black sheer tights, Chanel 10A Rouge/Orange reissue, navy oxford heels. 

If I have to go in the office w/ DH, this is what I'd wear at work. 
Don't you think this looks conservative, professional and seductive (to my DH since I am work w/ him) all in one!!? ^^

I'd wear anything that delights myself, others ..... and still be appropriate even when I am only doing my grocery shopping!

Finally, the debut of Alaia golden lace-up heels!!

Romeo n' Julia contour pink dress, Two toned slouchy pocket cardigan, J crew studded belt, mocha knitting scarf, lilith polka dot carry-all bag, Alaia golden lace up heels.

I found this dress awful big in size M, so I pinned the bottom hem to make more "bubbly" and "asymmetrical" look!

Now let's talk about my two over the top heels!!
I found this version of Miu Miu Studded pump which only has heels paved w/ studs, spikes.... 

Studded-heel Platform Pump…

Miu Miu Studded Pump 2010!

I am out of words for this Miu Miu pair!!

Other than the studs, I love the rough look on this leather! 

I have not had the chance to walk around in them but I assume they are as comfortable as my Golden lace-up Alaia heels!!! 

I am so happy that I found so many gorgeous heels! I'd wish I were a spider to have 8 legs...haha... ~~ :P 

See you later. 
xoxo Rachel