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11 October, 2010

The Coat Goes w/ the Hat ~ Plus Chanel 10A Limited Edition Khaki Brun Nail Polish!


Humanoid Orange pull over shirt w/ shoulder patch
Marni 10A houndstooth shearling jacket

Joie Leather shorts

J Crew military inspired belt
black stockings
Falke stripes thigh socks
Free people wool hat
Givenchy Tinha studs hobo

Marni 09' platform heels


I rampage through our guest closet down stairs for hats again this morning.  
The underlying reason of me wearing a hat is that I won't keep getting a hair cut, and have it grow just a bit longer/faster. ^O^



1. Top:
Vince box-cut shirt
 Kapital cotton blazer w/ leather elbow patch

2. Bottom:
Max Co. twill cropped pants in Khaki

3. Accessory:
San Diego knitting hat
Elfi Altendorfer designer jewelry pink butterfly agate necklace
Louis Vuitton black mini monogram clutch 06'

4. Shoes:
Jean Michel Cazabat sandals



Chanel 505 is not limited edition.... which is sort of a taupe color as well.

Such a pretty Khaki green!!!
Big kisses to Cathy who helps me snapping this LAST one in NM today! ^^

Have Fun w/ your nail polish. 
xoxo Rachel


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hey R! Congrats on your Khaki de Chanel nail polish! I bought 2 sets of the 3 limited edition colors coz i love the color so much. LOL! (I know u'll say I'm crazy..haha!) What I did is use the nail polish, all 3 colors, different for each nail. They blend well together and looks like a set! So khaki rose for pinky finger, then next to it is khaki vert, then middle finger is khaki brun, then khaki vert and khaki rose. Try it! :D Enjoy!


litlstrawberry said...

Right, Mia, I totally would say that!! You are nuts. Well, again, I had Cathy bought the other colors so we can share them while we went salon together.

Maybe I will get the red myself. ^^ Plus it sounds very fun to have all the different pretty nails which I never try since I wore very busy outfit and don't want my nails to look "confused". haha...


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