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19 October, 2010

A busy Monday!!

What did I do today?

First, grocery shopping and cook for dinner. 


I have 2 hours work-out in the evening and I have to pick kids up from school, and between classes so I wouldn't have time to cook a proper 2 or 3 courses meal later. 

Then I'd better get it done in the morning!! ^^

Those are the goodies for kids at Halloween party. 
There are also 3 prizes for the BEST COSTUME and 1 prize for the MOST CREATIVE COSTUME.

My friends are all so productive for... You know!!! lol

My lonely Mr. Pumpkin patiently awaits our guests for this Saturday's Halloween party.

Lady Witch will read some fun Halloween books to the children. 


The witch, the bat, the dark night..... 

And the skeleton!


Time to go out for some more Halloween decor. and to complete the missing goody bags.

o8' Chanel tweed jacket.

Eye candies are as well as mouth watering goodies.

Isabel Marant alpaca wool Pull over, Chanel tweed jacket, Helmut Lang burgundy suede pants (cuffed), pink butterfly agate necklace, Chanel 08' metallic navy striped reissue, Fornarina pump w/ satin bow. 

What's left is couple hours before my Monday evening work-out routine. Thanks my DH who is willing to watch kids even after a day's work. 

Do you work-out in the evening?
Keep fit!
xoxo Rachel


ceci said...

Wow! I wish to join your party too! You really have a great sense of decoration! So stylish! I'm 100% sure the kids will get the best treats ever! Have fun!

Charles said...

fab decorations and outfit! I love autumn and all the festivity. I also love your necklace, it's gorgeous. xx

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Ceci. I do hope that my guests would enjoy every corner of my creation. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Charles. You know, I love that word dictionary on your blog....

Thanks for your blandishments and I will convey your compliments to my friend, Elfi for her jewelry.


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