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14 October, 2010

Who am I?


It must be the weather that made me gone daft!! Suddenly I went for a BANG for my hair. It is not that I never get a bang but just I never had a bang w/ short hair. 

Hopefully it is not my another infatuation from runway look which I might regret tomorrow morning after I wake up!! 

Let's keep finger crossed~~ ^O^

I am still ME couple days ago~~


teal blue camisole, Marni coat 10A, Mphosis Bermuda shorts w/ asymmetrical fold in front, teal/red/beige stripes leggings w/ lace band, Proenza Shouler PS1 clutch, Elfi Altendorfer costume made vintage beads necklace, patent belt, Alexander Wang Abby sandal heels.


 I wish I could say this is my another half....twin sister!!

I have always wanted to pair a cardigan/cropped coat w/ this Michael Angel jersey dress the day I bought it. Just so I can wear them as a transitional outfit. 

Ashley Jones wore a brocade dress to Audi/Chopard Emmy Week Party.
(I believe it is the same pattern as my cropped jacket.)

Another look from magaschoni which is so inspiring to me.
Good news is that their collection made w/ intricate patterned fabric and notable cashmere is not so expensive at all.

The silk brocade jacket has sumptuous, luxury pattern/colors, which, luckily, perfectly update this now a past season Michael Angel dress (s/s 2010), 


w/ Karen Walker Milky pink sunglasses.... ^^
I am going to find more beaded embroidery for my half-done leggings.

Have fun w/ your DIY project.
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

Love the brocade blazer, I have a similar one but in coat. ;-)




ceci said...

LOVE the cropped brocade jacket a lot! I think I have to dig out my purple/gold brocade long jacket too! I love Fall so I can wear layers of clothes & hats & scarves!

Great idea with the DIY on the leggings! I saw another idea from etsy decorating the leggings as well. I must try to find some times to DIY too!

Thanks for dropping by to see my photos =) I can't believe you are all into REDs now. I still remember long time ago you said you hardly wear REDs. =p

litlstrawberry said...

wow, Janet, let's see yours then!!^^

I love brocade but never had an idea how it actually look in person...but now I know, it is just plain luxe!! ^^

litlstrawberry said...

hey, ceci, yes, I also like Autumn better for layering fun clothes ...and play w/ clothes. I probably don't need coat at all if I plan to pile up all my spring or summer clothes on me. hahha..

Oh, yeah, Geez, I don't know if it also means that I need RED other than earthy tone to highlight my face. :P

Yes, I think you don't need to spend a dime for leggings..(unless you really want it.) DIY for embroidery on leggings is really fun and easy!!

ceci said... fact I JUST bought a pair of ROZAE BY ROZAE NICHOLS LEATHER & SHEER INSERT Leggings. That's because of your PREEN STUD Leather Leggings! In fact, I almost buy my own pair of PREEN STUD PANEL Leggings with motorcycle style & gold exposed zips at ankles. Though I'm not sure size M will fit me. (What size are you wearing?) But great deal at SSENSE right now if you are interested! I have extra 25% off code if you like!


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