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23 October, 2010

Casual Converse and Sexy Alaia lace-up Golden heels!

My computer crashed yesterday!!!  NO~~~

But thanks to DH that he insisted I should use external hard-drive to organize all my photos... so they are "physically" portable other than keeping on!!  I as well as can switch computers under any reason w/ a plug-in. He is a guru in computer and I know I don't have to worry a thing when things like this happened!

Those was taken yesterday while I accompanied Cathy to look for her costume. Since it is all about "HER" yesterday, I choose "Converse sneakers" over my other fancy boots/heels!! ^^


1. Top:
Isabel Marant pull over sweater
Helmet Lang leather/ jersey moto jacket

2. Bottom:
M Missoni wool pants w/ piping at sides/back (found at Loehmann's) 

3. Accessory:
knitting fedora hat (San Diego Hat company bought at WholefoodMarket)
Barton Perreria cat eye sunglasses
Givenchy Tinhan hobo w/ studs
thrift purple skinny belt

4. Converse sneakers 

I assume all my guests are prepared for tonight's Halloween party. As for me, I have couple things that needs to be done before I put on my costume.... 


We both have been back in this hand-crafted chocolate store in Los Altos couple times within a week.
They have the best Rocky Road (marshmallow w/ chocolate cluster) and big barks of almond w/ milk/dark chocolate clusters!! 

Then we found a newly opened store in the same street - Therapy (they also have another store in Mt. View)
My fave. OWL of everything!($89)

Hobo International vintage inspired purse. ($128)

We are debating will this tiny purse (two zippered compartments) be practical when I am traveling to Italy/London!!

Alaia gold heels w/ lace-up

Pic. source: Jake & Jil (where else?)

It takes me a while to swim all my toes underneath the laces......I would refuse to take them off if I already had them on in the future...... lol.

Reasons: 1). so sexy. 2). Too much work to put them back on!! lol.

I will update our guests' costume after tonight and maybe they can be a inspire to you!! ^^

Have a Fun Saturday!!
xoxo Rachel 


LS said...

oh my! your pedi is so cute! And those Alaia lace-ups are just absolutely to die for! Also love your fedora hat~

Oh i'm so excited for your trip too!! well, i'm excited to see your pictures =)
good thing that your DH is so tech savvy~ my laptop almost crashed yesterday too...perhaps it's time for it to retire haha.

Anyway, have a good weekend and enjoy your Halloween party! Very excited to see the pictures, especially of your costume!!

Betsy C. said...

The gold lace ups are sexy!!!! I can't wait to see how you dress it up for tonight and post the pics. Have a wonderful party!!!

janettaylor said...

Gorgeous owl bag!


Charles said...

omg halloween feet! how creative :) I love your outfits, that hat is so great on you. The owl bag is adorable, and I'm slightly obsessed with lace-up shoes! all around fab. xx

Celeste Bee said...

The owl bag is cute!


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