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21 October, 2010

My Transitioning Outfit!!

So-much-fun is the word I can describe my outfit today~!

I often wear my clothes depending on my mood, and the first glance at some pieces in my wardrobe. They are not necessarily current fashionable pieces but my outfit would definitely denote ME-my style for sure. 


1. Top:
Tsumori Chisato bell sleeves blouse
20,000,000 fragmenets tweed cropped jacket
Marc Jacobs feather print dress

2. Accessory:
striped knit mitten/gloves
striped leggings 
Hobo International distressed suede messenger bag
3. Shoes:
Turkish cloth cow boy boots


I bought this Turkish embroidery cloth cow-boy boot at half-moon-bay and they are ONE OF A KIND!!

I've heard that Turkey has a lot of vintage couture pieces from Chanel, Dior......and they are all gorgeous and "cheap"!!! A lot of couture stores are overrated here and in Pairs. :P

Have fun shopping in your closet...and don't get caught in what's-so-called FASHION!!
Have some taste!^^

xoxo Rachel 


susanh98 said...

I like your new hair style!! Very chic for sure.
I think i would love to shop in your closet ;P so when is your trip? You must be so excited!!!!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

i love your boots- great outfit!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Susan. I just can't stand that short hair .... even though I can't do much about it nor I like to pin anything on my head (not if it is for Halloween... :P), a bang would change the whole look. And which makes me happy for ...another month or so. ^^

Well, I have a Halloween party this coming Saturday so I have to worry about that costume. =)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Ren. And love your blog full of treats!! ^^


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