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29 October, 2010

Autumn Coat! (updated 10/29/2010)

RUGBY polo shirt, Kapital blazer, J Brand cargo jeans, Pierre Hardy platform sandal, Proenza Shouler PS1 clutch. 

I especially love the "S" curve at back of this blazer... only the best seamstress could achieve that!!

Lauren Moffat melton cape. (courtesy image)

Isabel w/ her simple Marni coat! (past season, good as new!)
J crew long tee, Marni necklace, current Elliot boy friend skinny jean, YSL easy tote (this year). 

Pei's gray cape by Chris and jaime!!

Cathy is trying out aryn K  poncho cape in mustard and gray!

A beret w/ same shade of that poncho would complements the whole retro look even better!!

Judy had her down feather jacket on which relatively tells you that today is just soooooo~ cold.

What's your favorite fall and winter coat this season!!??
xoxo Rachel


LS said...

So I went away for a week and as soon as I come back, I go on your blog and see that you got bangs! What a surprise!
It looks amazing on you! Can't wait to see your costume for Halloween!

litlstrawberry said...

yeah, the bang is just to keep myself away from cutting behind of my hair.. lol I really want to grow it longer~~~errrrr.

susanh98 said...

I love your cape find it looks amazing and what a bargain. I love love love the miu miu shoes. So tempted to buy it but I'm afraid of the height on me hahaha. I think I feel the most comfy in 3.5-4 in
Where did you find the red caviar? I thought was pretty hard to land one at this point. I really want your 226 is such a pretty color but not everyone ordered it :( boohoo
Have a great weekend.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I love all of these coats! Also, you look fabulous in this beret and your hair is just fantastic in all those pics! Did you get a new cut?

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Susan:

I actually bought that caviar over a month already. NM has it and as far as I know, they still have one in NM at Palo Alto. The red is totally different from my 226 and much bigger. It is even bigger and "looks brighter" w/ that silver/round CC. Although it actually isn't brighter red compared to my 226. I think my mom is going to like it!!

Hum... I have to say that these two heels I bought this year is very sturdy to walk even in that 5 1/2" heels...thanks to the platform. YOu really need to "try it on" to know what I am talking about!!

You have a spooky Halloween as well.


litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Julia:

Are you back already? I miss you very much and now I gotta go check out your post!!! ^^

Right, I only get myself another "bang" to keep myself looking fresh.. I should stop cutting my hair otherwise I will never grow them any longer!!!

Thanks. I thought the posts is fun and maybe I can add more in the future! ^^

Have a good weekend!! Oh, you don't do trick or treat there, do you?

Betsy C. said...

So did Pei buy the Barneys cape that you posted a while back too! It's such a great look... I was just checking out Bill Cunningham's blurb on capes and I'm thinking of breaking out my mom's cape from the 70s to see if I can work it somehow.

Good to see Izy is still doing ODJs... on your blog! I'm a huge fan of her Marni necklaces... she told me she managed to get some great deals a few years back.

Btw, you really did a fun and sexy interpretation of a giraffe! We stayed in our neighborhood b/c DH needed to watch the World Series. Maybe next year, our family will try to go "people squeeze people."


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