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10 October, 2010

Friends and Family Fun in SF city.

What are they pointing at?

 Ah~ Blue Angels F-18.

We were at Treasure Island for the performance on Saturday. It is actually a better spot to see the aircraft's flying right on top of your head. (They perform on Saturday and Sunday.)



The jet is so pretty... "US NAVY" printed in blue and yellow. 

The plane reminds me of my family...there are 5 pilots in my big family and one of them was also a pilot for F16 in Taiwan.

Aren't they adorable!!


1. Top:
Anne Fontaine white sleeveless shirt 
Yaya falafel long knitting vest
 Marni coat w/ shearling

2. Bottom:
mphosis lace shorts (Singapore brand)
Falke  stockings

3. Accessory:
Elfi Altendorfer designer jewelry :pink butterfly agate necklace
Chanel 10A Rouge/orange reissue 226

4. Shoes:
Pierre Hardy platform Sandal 





Dinner at Osha Thai at Folson and 3rd st in SF city.
The Food is excellent!

Nothing beats the fun gathering w/ friends. 
xoxo Rachel


Joy said...

wow... how do you manage that pair of heels on grass!?!? Remember I asked you about it before? I actually saw it in person the other day, but boy, it's tall!!!
I don't think I can walk gracefully in that even on the safe heaven of the mall's marble floor... so my first thought upon seeing those heels were "I wonder how she keeps up with her kids in these!?!?" hee hee hee I suppose you possess more super power than I do! ;o)
Thanks for the interesting updates everyday!
BTW, do you have a personal email account that I can write to?

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Joy, yes, I do have stated my email on my blog ... to the right. "".

That heels is really STABLE and I believe that my arch is perfect for that heels "or vice verse". ^^ I do end of changing to flip flop when we sit by the beach/rocks watching the show. And the super power I had for wearing those heels w/ me is my kids all know that I can't hold them if I have heels and I certainly don't chase them around. :P

Train my kids is my ultimate GOAL. ^^


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