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27 October, 2010

Take on Sheer Trend!

Girls all have a monthly thing~ lol

Today I have a big craving for sweetness and I am glad that I am not eating ALONE!

Today is such a beautiful day in Saratoga city!

I finished the whole piece of traditional bread pudding~~ it really is infused w/ strong bourbon in the sauce. 

Looks like I had way too much Kahlua coffee there~~ 
ps. I am not an alcoholic...doesn't even come close~~~ ^O^

My girl friends share another dessert - Tiramisu. 
I don't normally share dessert if I really had that kind of craving!! I like to have my WHOLE thing for myself!

Thanks to Cathy and Vivian that they two are being dragged walking around the town by me!

If I had a pair of riding shorts, I would have totally taken on that style and wear it inside my polka dot sheer dress. lol

Friends told me that they are shopping inside their wardrobe.... that's really a good thing! But you know, it also means that you should donate some old clothes while you shop at your own closet. You don't have to buy fancy stuff but trendy and a thing of good deal won't hurt either!! Nothing new on me today except that pair of cheap Kelsie lace-up brown boots. 

Remember, you also have to UPSCALE your wardrobe!! ^^


1. Top:
Burberry black cotton dress
off-shoulder sweatshirt w/ rhinestone (thrift store)
Lilith polka dot sheer dress
2. Accessory:
lace belt
cashmere knitting scarf
H&M black beret w/ silver beads
Chanel 08' large rodeo drive tote
3. Shoes:
Kelsie brown suede boots (bought at Loehmann's)

Where are you going for a TRICK OR TREAT!!?
xoxo Rachel 


janettaylor said...

Perfect booties!


litlstrawberry said...

Thx. Janet@@!

Julia said...

I always adore this hippy and chic style.

Julia said...

I always adore this hippy plus chic style :-)


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