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29 October, 2010


I think I am famous among my friends for my prowess on taking any fashion trend and trying it on myself. 

Can't deny it. I love challenge if I had the chance. 

What NOW?

Cathy bought me and herself a turban but I have not yet had the chance to try it on (on the way shipping to us)..... but a scarf would do the same trick!! ^^

I tied turban w/ Hermes hot air balloon silk scarf!

I don't know why I'd bite Cathy's trick of wearing this turban hat to my son's school and around on the street.... 

Please use your imagination to put this lower puzzle w/ my upper torso!! lol.

I am keeping this for my mom until~~ 
Chanel red 10A Classic jumbo w/ blue/purple undertone!

Friend asked why I'd buy so many "square" shapes of Chanel flaps.... aren't they boring?! 
No, of course NOT, I said.
 I can carry them in many ways. Besides, they are covetable for the fact of their classic looks which also makes them perennial favorite!!

Going to 3 kid's Halloween parties!
See you later. 
xoxo Rachel 

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