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24 October, 2010

Black Swan Part ? - My Gray Swan and the Party!!

Natalie Portman in Movie: Black Swan. (pic. source: Officer trailer from

I have been inspired by Natalie Portman's character in this movie-- Black Swan. She is an awesome actress and I can't wait to see this movie in Nov.

I didn't intend to copy everything from her character but the make-ups does seem incredible "Halloween-suitable" to me. 

My Halloween theme: 3 kiddos go to trick-or-treat at "Dr. pumpkin Susses' haunted house". ^O^

More highlight of my creation.... Twilight poster - "eclipse"...haha.. 

My Gray Swan make-up!
I use black eyeliner for the outline of the feather.
 Bobbie Brown newest eyeshadow : Black velvet and dab w/ The Body Shop silver-gray eyeshadow for more definition. 

I could do better next time for more details on feather!!
I also add a fake eye-lashes w/ white dots for more fun and dramatic!!

Voila~ my Gray Swan .... w/ Alaia gold lace-up heels! ^^

A full house of "aliens" .... oh, no, people! 

What do we do w/ kids involved Halloween Party?
Play...of course..but... what else?

Halloween story-tell,

Halloween candy necklace DIY
That's pretty Ann (left) who is the most seductive lady in the evening!

Halloween push-ups???????????

I said: 100 Push-ups goes to whoever didn't dress up in costume!!! ^O^

We also have choreography performance by little black witch. ^^

 Heidi is pretty Peacock fairy and .... Transformer is her Knight? lol

We have Swan and The Man in the Mask....from Phantom? 
haha... that's DH who obviously is willing to cooperate because of that awesome mask I found for him!!
Sexy Japanese Cat.... hum... 
Does cats catch Swan under certain circumstances??!! ^O^

In case you already forgot about how do I look...... ^^
Doesn't that "head warmer" look awesome? (middle)

Have a happy week ahead and hope we inspired YOU!!
xoxo Rachel 


janettaylor said...

Oooh, how cool! Fantastic make up, darling!


litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Janet. ^^
I am glad that make-ups turn out not bad at all.... except all the eyeliner around my eye really dries up the skin..... wrinkles, wrinkles.....after I removed my make-ups. haha..

Betsy C. said...

Awesome gray swan costume!! Leave it up to you to come up with such elaborate and unique Halloween costume. Can't buy that in store for sure! (^_^) Boy, do I regret not being able to make it to your festivities. It looks like all the participants really got into it.

Those Alais lace ups are sex-ay!

Julia said...

I am inspired! i may copy your make up for my coming -up Halloween party in a friend's house.

LS said...

As I already said on fb, I LOVE your make-up! it's great that almost everyone dressed up! How did you manage to get your DH to dress up? My DBF refuses to dress up although he keeps saying "if i dress up, I'll dress up as Iron Man, but i'm not dressing up"

Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy:

Thank you. Yes, I wish you'd come!! Everyone is very INVOLVED as I commanded!! hahah......
Did you come up w. your "costume" already? ^^

Finally I have a GOLD shoes which suppose as easily pairing clothes as w/ any neutral colored shoes. I always got a lot compliment of wearing them.

litlstrawberry said...

So, Julia, are you going to be "purple Swan" or "bleu Swan"... ^^ Hope you will have a great time at your friends' party!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, laura:

I know. My friend told me that he almost got a fight w/ Irene (my friend) when he found out that costume is like $50 for an adult....he was like &^&^%#@#$ pissed~~ haha.. but it turns out it is so much fun IN a costume in a Halloween party and when doing "trick or treat"!! ^^ We two family might go up to SF city at Halloween!!!

Ah, you know, I found that MASK for DH and I know he is going to LIKE THE IDEA... that he doesn't have to look "dead" nor "ugly" nor "scary" ... just hiding behind a "muted" mask which is even better doing an awesome make-up on him!! Besides, friends compliment his mask and that seem to match "costume" makes him LOVING IN so much!! haha..

Maybe you can find a cool iron man but not so ... iron man? ^^

ceci said...

Amazing! Your new pair of sexy gold heels arrived just in time & be part of your black swan outfit too! Love it a lot! Great makeup! Did you braid your hair yourself too? This is the best outfit ever! Really!

This year, we have a cook, a waitress, a lobster & a crab this year! We'll carry a big pot along with us for T/T haha! I got the idea from the crab hat we picked up from SF for Coco. I'm still working on Jacob's outfit, but I'm done with the lobster head, claws & body, just missing the tail! All I hope is that it's not too cold & no rain/snow this Sunday!

Mona P said...

Looks like a great party! Your costume is amazing, and I love your makeup!

litlstrawberry said...


Thank you, dear.
Your family's sound very yummy there !!! ^^ I think my costume and Santo's can compliment each other. Operaish and gray/black.... but not w/ kids'!! As for that golden lace up heels is the last minute throw on... and it worked too!!

Oh, I didn't know that Canadian do trick or treat as well... since your THanksgiving is way early than ours.

BTW, i just heard that Chanel is going to have another price increase in Dec. I think I am going to boycott their bag... :P

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mona.
How about yourself? Are you going to dress up too!!? It is fun to dress up for the whole family and doing trick or treat together!! ^^


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