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26 October, 2010

Miu Miu Studded Pump 2010!

I am out of words for this Miu Miu pair!!

Other than the studs, I love the rough look on this leather! 


I have not had the chance to walk around in them but I assume they are as comfortable as my Golden lace-up Alaia heels!!! 

I am so happy that I found so many gorgeous heels! I'd wish I were a spider to have 8 legs...haha... ~~ :P 

See you later. 
xoxo Rachel 


LS said...

oh my, these are H-O-T! Can't wait to see your outfit post modeling them!
As for the outfit, I saw this Iron Man helmet with the arm thing and the energy thing to stick on the heard that I wanted to get for DBF, but realized that he won't wear'll just be a waste of money~

Mona P said...

These Miu Miu heels are SO gorgeous, can't wait to see your modeling pics!

I have no doubt they'll look fantastic on you!

I wish I could walk in such high heels :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Laura:

I know.

Totally hot shoes...that I didn't notice them until I really need to spend my Barney $500 GC which is from a contest I won back in Aug. for its' best denim look. Lucky me... I suppose.

oh, the mask and arm thing sounds so MUCH that you have to put on that I would guess your DBF would totally refuse it.... can't blame him!! I don't think you can look "COOL" in attitude in that kind of attire. ^^ Gotta think of something else for him then!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Mona:

I think I am done spending in shoes..... I am not buying those lace-up biking shoes.... the one I posted about Derek Lam..... they are awesome but I guess I am not that COOL (or young) that I'd like to see myself in those very often... for fun is fine so I got a pair from kelsie $59 to satisfy my lust. ^^

As for Miu Miu, there is something about it that I'd always want to get my hands on. Let alone I gave away one of my glitter flats to my friend and I own nothing from them. NOW except for this new studded pair!!


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