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27 October, 2010

Seductive- At Work n' on mommy/wife duty!!

Boss leopard haltered blouse, Kapital cotton blazer, HM wool pencil skirt, black sheer tights, Chanel 10A Rouge/Orange reissue, navy oxford heels. 

If I have to go in the office w/ DH, this is what I'd wear at work. 
Don't you think this looks conservative, professional and seductive (to my DH since I am work w/ him) all in one!!? ^^

I'd wear anything that delights myself, others ..... and still be appropriate even when I am only doing my grocery shopping!

Finally, the debut of Alaia golden lace-up heels!!

Romeo n' Julia contour pink dress, Two toned slouchy pocket cardigan, J crew studded belt, mocha knitting scarf, lilith polka dot carry-all bag, Alaia golden lace up heels.



I found this dress awful big in size M, so I pinned the bottom hem to make more "bubbly" and "asymmetrical" look!

Now let's talk about my two over the top heels!!
I found this version of Miu Miu Studded pump which only has heels paved w/ studs, spikes.... 
Studded-heel Platform Pump at Bergdorf Goodman $750

Then I did a height comparison between these two heels-- 
Pierre Hardy n' Miu Miu!  
I'd say this Miu Miu round toe, strappy look is far more interesting than the one above. I assume this pair adds more flair of toughness and edginess look on platform heels. 
 Of course, the price for this pair is a bit more for $895 in Barney's! They also have BROWN suede for the same look. 

The result??

They are the same height - 5 ½-inch heel. As far as the height is concerned, both 1 5/8-inch platform makes them comfy enough to walk for couple hours. 

Got your highest heels?
xoxo Rachel 


ceci said...

Work outfit - I missed them & I would dress up like you once in a while. But I work from home though...

I love the R&J ruffle dress on you so much! I'm even more impressed once I read you did some adjustments to the hem & make it even more special. I guess you know I LOVE "asymmetrical" look very much indeed! After working on needle works (costume) the last few days, I'm getting into more crafty projects now! Next, scrapbooking it should be. Have you done any for yourself? Your own FASHION BOOK?! It will be a reference for your kids =)

janettaylor said...

Those platforms are incredible coooool!


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Ceci:
Glad to hear your whole family's costume is done. ^^ You know, I really like scrapbook but somehow they are so "time-cosuming" and I never really get to start for even one page.... but I did INSIDE a photo frame and shadow box instead. It is fun and I get to hang them on the wall to enjoy the "masterpiece" of my own. hahaha... As for my fashion shots, I will just leave them on the WWW> ^^

What's the neighborhood you took kids for trick or treat?

ceci said...

We live in a very nice subdivision (2 circles). Most kids/parents know each others. It likes we all having a big Halloween party on the street! Plus, many pumpkin patches are nearby, we'll get to see a lot Jack O'Lantern for sure!

Actually, I planned to do scrapbook since Jacob was born - that's 5 years ago. However, I've never got to start. But recently a new craft superstore just opens its doors & I took advantage of their 50% discount & bought as many scrapbook stuffs as possible =p I'll have 3-week vacation in Dec & I told myself I really have to start this time =D

Betsy C. said...

Kinda neat to see you in a work outfit! Sure reminds me that I've got lots of work suits in my closet that I'd love to play with sometime with fun details like ruffles, animal prints, bling bling, or scarves. *sigh* But I have to admit I'm slightly more occupied with other wife/mom duties lately that I haven't had much opportunity to take care of my fashion urges.

Did I mention that my kids' schools both require kids to wear home-made costumes these year? I got my DD's done (rainbow fish) but DH and I are working on DS'... I wished I was as crafty/talented as you and Ceci b/c it sounds like she can create amazing things for her kids like her mom. And I know you've always altered your own clothes.

That little trick with your R&J dress really showcases your leggy assets. Gotta love it. I also noticed that you've been wearing your Chanels open... very casual chic look.


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