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19 October, 2010

ghd hair curler/flat-ironing!!

 ghd promotion package. Come w/ travel pouch, hair dryer, small flat/curl ironing, hair shampoo, conditioning, thermal spray, and a small messenger bag (didn't show) for $250. 
The small flat ironing alone is about $199.  

I also bought adapters just so I can bring the whole set to Europe w/ me w/o worrying if hotel provides all this in the room.

I try to grow my hair long, at the mean time,  I intended to trim here and there just to make my look fresh to myself.  

I finally bought myself a new flat ironing/curler. My old one is too wide and can't do much about to my bang nor make curl out of it.  My stylist always suggests me to find a smaller/narrower flat-ironing which is great for the small bang as well as curling the hair. You know how people use a scissor to make curl out of a ribbon?!! You pull the ribbon w/ the scissor along and twirl at the end ..... That's the same idea w/ smaller flat-ironing when curling your hair. 

This is the look before, while I still use my wide flat ironing. It does great job to flat the hair but not curve my new looks flat instead of fluffy full. I'd say this wide ironing might work better w/ long hair like I am used to be.
Although it is not a bad looking but I'd wish my bang looked more curved!

I am not sure if you can see the edge of smaller ironing is slightly beveled which is great to make smooth curl. 

See the big difference of my old red wide ironing and ghd narrow flat/curl ironing.

After I tried out smaller ironing on my bang, I like the way that now it looks slightly curved (like a dome) ^^ on top of my fore-head.

I will see you later~~
xoxo Rachel

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