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21 October, 2010

NOT All Camel w/ Marni Shearling Jacket Part ?? !!

I know a lot of you probably already take a good peek at what's for next fashion....s/s 2011. Stylists or buyers must be busy pre-ordering those hot-off-the-runway items for their clientele. Fashion is always ahead of our time, isn't it!!

Back in reality, we are just stepping into fall and winter and thanks to the weather finally cooling or chilling off I shall say. So, let's see some current trends, shall we!!? 

You must guess Marni houndstooth shearling jacket is my current fave. so yes, I can't deny it!!

Maybe I should tuck in that blouse properly..... Niel, my son, took the photos for me and he sure wouldn't notice that~~ ^O^

How about shoes?

You must again guess it right..... my Pierre Hardy platform sandal!!! Just go back to my posts and you will find that how many times I have wore them .... on the ground and underground... Oh, I mean to the beach side of Treasure Island! ^O^

Then what about other shoes!!? I mean boots!!

I don't know if I am a fashion victim for this kind of boots that I have seem them everywhere in the magazine and girls in street style shots on the WWW (world wide web).... it feels like a good-brain wash to me!! ^^ I want to get my hands on them!!!

A LUST! (Derek lam)

Another LUST! (Derek Lam)

Same boots in Black.

Just a taste of its kind (Kelsie $59)

Then I found this beautiful girl wearing Chloe's boots so effortlessly chic! I think this is by far the best look for this exact boots I encountered on the WWW.
A cherry blossom girl (street style). Adore that big cape on her!

Now I can't wait to give my new no-sweat boots a test-drive/walk!!

I wore Ralph Lauren tie-neck scarf as a belt!

 I love the good contrast of my cargo pants and this Kelsie boots.


1. Top:
Ralph Lauren silk tie-neck blouse
Marni shearling convertible jacket

2. Bottom:
Ralph Lauren off-white cargo pants 08'

3. Accessory:
Chanel 10A Orange/Rouge reissue 226
Barton Perreria cat eye sunglasses
Elfi Altendorfer hand-crafted costume jewelry- vintage beads w/ Italian glass necklace

4. Shoes: Kelsie brown suede lace-up wedge boots

I have brown head to toe.... my hair to my boots!!


I have Halloween party at my house this Saturday and hopefully my DIY make-up would be a sucess. 
See you~~
xoxo Rachel

1 comment:

Betsy C. said...

That's one gorgeous coat, both color and structure from the Derek Lam runway!

p.s. Niel is turning into a fantastic photographer at such a tender age!


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