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19 October, 2010

Upscale Your Wardrobe!!

My friend, Isabel, and I were talking about fashion the other day...... about how to upscale your wardrobe from certain designers w/o looking like you are wearing a uniform.  While she is so crazy about Marni that she'd buy couple pieces from Marni every season to mix up the look to be her own.  Brilliant ideas, isn't it!!


I am loving Missoni/or M Missoni and I start looking into more affordable pieces from their collection.  To get me start and at the same time to upscale my wardrobe w/o piling up so many fashionable pieces that I'd want to give away when they become past-season.

Cathy's little son.... so cute....and shy!! ^O^

I don't think I ever come across this fun yet elegant striped wavy design from either M Missoni or any other designer.


1. Top:
M Missoni dress 08' 
M Missoni sweater 10'F (found it at Loehmann's ^^ The sweater is a perfect match for the dress...they are even the same colored pattern. )

 2. Accessory:
DKNY knit socks
Chanel 10A orange/rouge 226 reissue

3. Shoes:
Chanel 08' camellia satin heels

The scallop waves on the sweater adds a subtle whimsical feminine look to this M Missoni.

Almost Halloween~ Let's warm up!!

Go upscale your wardrobe!!
I am going to tell you my 20 MUST-HAVE items in the wardrobe soon.

xoxo Rachel


isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

Love your cardigan!!! Very chic and it does go with your dress from 08....

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, morning, girl:
I know... I was going to ask you take a look but you already did...

I am surprised when I found that sweater couple months ago. But didn't get it until we talked on the phone and realized that I should... they are meant to be each other. ^^

Anh said...

I was going to say that I had seen some Missoni pieces at Loehmanns recently - and you already mentioned it in your post! =) Similar minds!

litlstrawberry said...

Good morning, Anh:

Really? You now, you should get some (I don't think I ever saw you wear their clothes line...yet..??)

But your figure is perfect for those zig zag prints, lean, and long. ^^

I guess you saw some in Loehmann's at SF city then?? Hum.. I wonder if they carry the same styles in different locations. ^^ Try on some, I love seeing you in "pencil" skirt. :) Pretty!!

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Those stockings and shoes are sooo nice.
Good job!

litlstrawberry said...

thanks, Ninja. :)

me and my friends love the socks/shoes combi. as well...they are also perfect w/ each other.


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