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02 October, 2010

Shopping w/ Me in SF city!

I am still so into Alexander Wang's design for this A/W.   I'd find a sweater to cozy me up through this winter but I can't seem to decide should I get big chunky knitting sweater or this cropped "bra-dice"-alike sweater!! 


I was kinda shy when Cathy took picture for me.... cause' I suddenly see the "bra-dice" ribbon cutting there~~
You know, bathing suit is one thing but wearing such bra-conscious sweater is another!! lol

Maybe this xs size is too small for me... it seems to me that "there" aren't perfectly aligned~~~ lol

Yet another perfect color combination.... gray/pinkish purple/mocha!

Japanese brand: KOI SUWANNAGATE
Finally I found this brand in 3rd floor at Barney's today... which is the brand of my big knitting cape I wore today. 
They didn't have a whole lot collection in Barney's but their cashmere quality is "superb".



You know what, I am going to try my luck in ITALY to see some Isabel Marant's collection.


Love this one!

Have a good weekend!
xoxo Rachel


Pearl Westwood said...

I love the crop sweater it really suits you! x

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love your outfit, Rachel, and your toes are of perfect color too! As for the sweater, although I can't really see your bra (maybe you just really see it because you know it might get seen? lol), I have to agree - sometimes it helps to go a size up. Love the sweater on you regardless of the size though!

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R, best place to go shop for Isabel Marant is Paris, her hometown. :D I love Isabel Marant too and her Etoile collection as well. You should drop by Paris too while you visit Italy. Or come to HK next time! We have Isabel Marant boutique here...hehehehehe! How's your trip planning to Italy? Everything set? Which cities do you plan to visit and how many weeks? DH and I plan to visit Switzerland, Paris and Barcelona in Feb/Mar 2011. Looking forward to that trip! :D Enjoy your weekend!


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Pearl, thanks. I might take it eventually... for your commpliment! ^^

litlstrawberry said...

ha, Julia, didn't you see the "stitches" on that sweater? it is very genius that you can't see the stitches until you put it on. Interesting~ no wonder A. Wang is so hot and his stuff occupied the whole table and section in Barneys'. ^^ And thanks, I also like the velvet color of it too.

I thought you are long gone to Cyprus. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Mia: our trip is finalized except that we have not booked the hotel in Milan and Florence. We set for London and Rome.
We didn't plan enroute to Paris as we are taking the whole family again for this trip. (you know, the money you spend on shopping probably is half the expense of our whole air fare and hotel altogether.)That being said, you are lucky to have only one child for this reason and since you don't normally travel w/ your kid, you and your husband can really enjoy and be ROMANTIC. ^O^

No, I probably am not interested in seeing Isabel Marant in Paris. (She is famous in New York not back in Paris until now. Besides, Izy said that there is nothing interesting in Paris when she visited there. And I believed her. ) So I am going to explore her line in Rome. Yes, her secondary line-Etoile does sometimes seem more interesting. And I found one dress of Etoile taht I am interested in Barneys for $495...I think. But again, I have way too many clothes that I think they might just be ANOTHER piece if I get too many of the similar thing.

have a good day!!!


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

R...actually Isabel Marant started off famous in Europe and Asia, but not really the US. Parisian simple "non-boasting" chic cool style (slouchy pants, loose little dresses, with boyish jackets and of course accessorized with a scarf, plus the unwashed hair and next to no makeup) is not everyone's cup of tea so I'm not surprised that Izy told you there's nothing in Paris.

It's ok you don't believe me that Isabel Marant has the largest collection in her boutiques in Paris. Try out Rome then and do let us know what you see. Not sure how different her collection in Rome than in Paris though.

BTW, you probably have no idea how much I spend on shopping for our Europe trips plus room and lodging...hahahahahahaha:D

Hope you enjoy you family trip soon.

litlstrawberry said...

right, Mia: I will see if Izy intended to NOT letting me buy anything for saying she can't find anything attractive to her.. hahaha...

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

i love love love the shoes! and that sweater ribbing is gorgeous!


Fashion Me Chic said...

I love your outfit. Don't you like fall? It is my favorite season. You get to do so much with your clothes.

I am just passing by your blog. Interesting.

I hope that you will visit mine.

If you follow me, I will follow you.


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