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29 October, 2010

Our Parents' Day Starts w/ Kid's School Halloween Party !!! (Updated)

My day didn't end at 8 PM after my Zumba dance yesterday
There are cheese/ham/lettus on Hawaii sweet buns, tuna melt w/ fuji apples sandwiches, (vega) Fuji apples w/ cucumber on lemon butter jelly sandwiches.

I signed up for making sandwiches for my son's class, bringing goodies for Abby's whole classmates and fresh-cut fruits w/ muffins to Ilona's class. I think I am trying to be fair to all my 3 children that once I participate ONE, i'd be involved in all 3 of their class parties!!

Our day today starts w/ Niel's first costume parade at school!!

Niel's costume parade at 8:15 AM...which is a big deal to me that I normally am playing my make-up and dress-up at home by myself during that time! Lol. 
Rushing to another school~ Vroom ~ Vroom~


Ilona's 2nd costume parade around 9:30 AM. 

This is the most creative (from store bought) costume ever~~ w/ that hand-made mail box!! ^^

Ilona's 2nd costume of the year - TInker Bell!



Aryn K. tartan poncho ( a bargain of $63)
Ralph Lauren brown silk blouse
Hudson wide leg jeans
Boss platform mary-jane
 yarn covered loop earrings
Chole orange Sally (not show)



My day , as a parent, ends w/ Abby's last ballet/tap dance class!
Abby has the most distinctive costume.... (peacock main outfit from pottery barn kid's last year + Gymboree same peacock crown, wing (not show), leggings all sorts of accessories of this year)!

I even sew a black bow at the back onto that peacock top. 


Keep up, we moms!!
xoxo Rachel 


Mona P said...

You are unstoppable and looking great! :) The kids' costumes are adorable!!

Love your tartan poncho and also your Kelsie booties from the previous post! Where did you get the booties, if you don't mind me asking?

Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Mona:
yes, I think I am some kind of "workaholic" too!!

The Kelsie boots found at Loehmann's but I think they have those shoes sold on line... very cheap and trendy look. I thought a simple look w/ good bargain even in cheap suede lace-up won't hurt a trendy look like this one.

You have a great Halloween too!!

fancyface said...

I love your style! Where did you find that plaid capelet? I have my eye on one just like it from Anthro, but for double the price!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Fancyface:
I found that poncho cape at a store in downtown Los Gatoes. IT probably is called "K" something... Try www. It is designed in LA made in CHina which explains why it is cheaper!! It originally sold at $88 but the store is having a promotion w/ 25%OFF IN every coat.
I DO HOPE you find this one as we all love its retro "gray + mustard" yellow tartan pattern very much!!!
Good luck.


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