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30 July, 2011

Inimitable Style- How to accessorize leather accent!

Everyone has different wardrobe, don't we!?  Say, even we are given the same wardrobe, the chances of choosing the same outfit with exact same accessory would be pretty slim... or I bet it is almost impossible!!! Agree?! 




1. Top:
Merveille H. sheer chiffon blouse 
Elisabeth and James ruched sleeves blazer

2. Bottom:
Zara cropped pants

3. Accessory:
Korea local-made leather collar with beads 
Chanel 08' multiple resin/stones star brooch
Chanel Fantasy Garden tweed reissue with charms 11' 
Lotta djossou Paris brass bird cuff 

4. Shoes:
Anastasia Bice leopard with mint-colored bow heels 

{No one can peek through this black Victoria Secret strapless bra underneath my is so secured hugging on my chest.} ^O^

{I feel like putting on rabbit ears on my head here...... hum...must be the black collar.... lol.......}

I believe this should be the same bra Victoria Secret or le Mystere worn by Olivia Palermo. ^O^
(pic. source)

There are still couple more revamps needed to be done around my house but one thing at a time! A friend of mine, Isabel, suggested that I should tone down my apple green wall since my house looks pretty Hollywood glamorous with its dark brown/black hardwood floors and white stairs/white kitchen cabinets. However, I have a different approach! I love that bright green and bright orange that I'd do anything to save that strong energy to make it work in my family room. 

This is the green rug I just purchased and hopefully it works as I imagined!! ^_^

I love to find hidden treasure and great designer deal for home on Joss&Main on-line private sale! 
(You can register through my blog roll on the right..I found my other two mirror film wall cone there too!!!) 

I am such a colorful person ..... 

Let's see in the future if designer Jill Rosenwald's apple green rug will tie my family room   with that big green wall against our TV together

{Well, I cheat... I didn't wear that Anastasia Bice leopard heels as I know I am going to walk around more than 2 hours I can bear in that Barbie sexy heel. ^O^}

t. babaton camel cape (Made in Canada); Korea local leather collar with beads; Club Monaco leather bonnie bracelets 

(Compatibly, my black leather collar and camel cape would make an even more fierced look.)

Love summer, love birds!!

xoxo Rachel 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

You look perfect, love the silver look with a pop of turquoise!

Mona P said...

I love the way leather collar looks with the feminine blouse!

Also love love your Chanel brooch and the tweed flap!

Rachel, how are the stones on the Chanel brooch holding up? Is it holding up pretty well?

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, Julia. How is your summer so far? ^^

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Mona, yes, it seems leather always goes with feminine look....dress, skirt, blouse... just add edgy to it. :)
Ah, that Chanel brooch is still perfect!! Luckily no stones falling off yet. And I notice if I don't drop it ever and handle it without touching the stones, it stays forever. However, my other Chanel from 10' bought last year in Rome with little pearls are falling off some. It is not noticeable but I guess I should bring it back to Chanel boutique to fix. gr... anyway, that's one drawback about Chanel custom jewelry. But just couldn't resist its design!!! haha..
I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Sunday too. ^^


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