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21 July, 2011

Modern Stuff

I bought this Espresso stove-top dripper in Rome during last London and Italy trip last year. I never had the time to try it out or I should say I never thought it would be so quick to drip a cup of Espresso. How quick? Quicker than I finish texting several sentences of this exciting experience on FB this morning. 

This is single cup Espresso and they are available for dripping dual cups of Espresso at the same time. 

Brand new installed hardwood floor and new paint on kitchen cabinet. 
{I am glad we did it during our trip in Taipei...yeah...}

Our house is brighter than ever, thanks to the white cabinets and big windows in the kitchen and family room. 



I am a habitue of both the city of San Francisco and its surrounding museums. lol. Hubby and I appreciated the fact that there are plenty of places for family to visit during the weekdays or even the weekends in USA. The least hubby could stand staying in Taipei is that everywhere is so crowded especially during the weekends.

We are finally back to our home in San Francisco and I took kids to SFMOMA  in the morning to help them adjust the jet lag. 

Starting July, SFMOMA will provide family with lots of activities to do on Sundays.

{The stories in "My Milk Toof" is just so cute to be past on... here is the blog:}

If not because we visited MOMA and had someone installed hardwood floor, hence the furnitures got moved around and things are mis-placed in the house, I'd almost forgot these two adorable sculptures (Cow) I bought during our stay at Venice in Italy. 

Those are creations/inspiration that artists all over the world did for a charity event. 

{I so wanted to get that Cow bathing in the Milk pearl tea which is dedicated for event in Taipei in 2009 but they completely sold out. } 

{The bigger cow is "The Moo Potter". Meredith McCord created for Kansas City in 2001}

Karen Walker Milky pink sunglasses, floral skirt, pink knitting sweater, faux leather collar with embellished beads, Proenza Schouler large messenger bag, Trippen "happy" shoes

You really should check out "Trippen" shoes. They are extremely comfortable and stylish that people are staring at my feet,, I mean, my shoes everywhere I go. lol.

xo Rachel 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

It's the first time I'm seeing such an espresso thingy - never knew something like this existed! Love your outfit too - the knit + florals make for a great look!

litlstrawberry said...

^^... yeah, the espresso dripper invention is genius.


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