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29 July, 2011

Maniacal Fashioinista....

Would you sleep with a fashion magazines or picture of a thing or a person you yearned for under your pillow?



Well, just curious. I don't think I am ever such a maniac, neither.  

A fellow reader asked me if I could do a "ORANGE" look for her as she has an orange sheath and would like to get some inspiration. Well, I don't own any orange dress but I hope this so orang-y Vince cropped top would help. ^O^ You know, such as you can pair a suede brown or wheat pump with orange sheath dress ...... ... to play with the colors.  

Since today kids and I had a plan to visit SF Zoo, so I wore along this whole look on me to the city. I'd say my look is inspired from 60's ... the "mini", can you tell? And of course I brought along a pair of flip flops with me to switch off my Prada gold stripy wooden sandals while strutting in the zoo. lol. {yeah, you know, switch shoes in the zoo just for the sake of taking photos is pretty crazy, huh, don't you think? }


I think the layering of orange and brown colors made this look even more sophisticated. 

{Here is a look with the trendy hot pink pencil skirt I did way back.} 

{pardon Ilona, she is going through a stage that she couldn't stop doing faces... grr....}



1. Top:
Ralph Lauren brown silk top with ruffle scarf
Vince orange cropped top

2. Bottom:
Vintage find in Rome, Italy, high-waist leather skirt

3. Accessory:
Zara green envelop clutch
Oscar de la Renta 14k green and blue saphirre earrings

4. Shoes:
Prada golden stripy wooden sandals


Summer is most moms' nightmare.... there couldn't be more activities to entertain/educate kids during summer. lol 

My other half maniacal fashionista, Yu. and her crazy bright color day!!! 

{Our philosophy: Never leave the house without a style!! lol.} 

I am counting days while kids will begin their summer camp next week. ^^
xoxo Rachel 


Gelene said...

you are so trendy even when you are going to the zoo! I wanna be a mommy-with-style like you when I have kids! haha

litlstrawberry said...

You will be, Gelene, with your strong desire. ^^

bonnie said...

lovely orange outfit! thanks for the inspiration!


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