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16 August, 2011

Multitasking, without doing it on your own!!

I never notice I loved gray so much that it seems everything of mine such as my bags, my clothes, or shoes and now even my house would all coordinate in perfect harmony.


I'll tell you later! 
Hermes' Gris T. Birkin (Gray-- beige gray), Chanel 08' gray jumbo classic, Alexander wang Gray (lavender) Rocco Duffel bag.  

This whole afternoon while we are making Rugelach (here is the recipe) in the kitchen , our painter finished one wall in our family room as well. {It has been a while since the last time I felt that I am a house-keeper as I am always on-the-go and seldom stay home whole day.} 

(We only sprinkle cinnamon sugar and almond bits as fillings.)

We all try to be "Multi-tasking", don't we!!!?  But who says we have to do everything all by ourselves!! ^O^ It is just as good as it gets to have someone does house-painting for you and the other one demo./teach us how to make Panna Cotta a cold Italian custard, often served with fruit sauce or caramel syrup), Rugelach and Garlic bread!! And then we get to appreciate the nice work done on the wall and enjoy the succulent fruit tart right out of the oven all at once.  How sweet!!! 

I always eat warm dessert with couple scoops of Vanilla bean ice cream!!

It is always healthier to eat your dessert with fresh fruits on top! {No custard nor cream on this fruit tart, just the way I like it!} 

A very special "Thank-you" goes to my little fellow blog reader- Anna (the one with blue shirt)!!  She made a list of 3 semi-home cooking recipes for us so Yu and I benefit the most. She just graduated from high school and is going to be a fresh-man in UC Berkeley this year!! 
{Ah, how I love blogging, and flaunting.....oh, no, I mean she is only 18... so young! ... I know, I am young too!!! *wink*}

Easy and light dessert, Panna Cotta { Ah, we didn't garnish it, maybe we should!! Just to make it  picture perfect?... hum,... anyway... }

before:This is our original wall color in the family room. 

Ooh, la la~~~
I just can't get enough of gray... ( Benjamin Moore paint in Dior Gray.) See how much I love gray and now I have it on the wall as well. Oh, and look at that apple green new floor carpet, it echoes my green wall too. 
after: with nature lighting, and wall lightning 
only nature lighting 

with nature lighting and one floor lamp

I love our modern family room very much, how about you!!?
Try a new color on your wall, will you?! ^_*
xoxo Rachel 


Mummy Moon said...

The new wall color is very nice and make the living room a new look, I like it!

sanaa London said...

Hey Rachel, Love love the living room colors and your blog background so pretty. I am inspired to change my living room colours. Thanks for sharing. Sanaa xx

Gelene said...

People often say gray is an ugly/boring color.. but you make a such bland color so beautiful!!

<3 Gelene

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, mommy moon. I try to left comment on Teddy bear..but the word verification feature got messed up... I am not sure if it is my end or the internet's fault... hum...

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Sanna, yes, I think the fast and most efficient way to give a room face lift is a new color. I don't think it will ever go wrong.. ^O^ for any color!! It always pouch up the energy and ambience in a room!! yeah... go for it, girl!! ^^
let me know what color is your final choice, ok?!

litlstrawberry said...

thanks, Gelene. I am glad it works out in my house.
Your macaroon post is just unforgettable ... ^O^

Anna said...

Haha! Even your walls are couture--"Dior" grey!

Love it.

And I had fun too!

Gelene said...

haha, I noticed the follow a while ago.. thank you SO MUCH! I really appreciate it and am thankful you like my blog!

I follow you via google reader. You have incredibly interesting posts! :)

<3 Gelene

litlstrawberry said...

Ha, Anna, you noticed!! Yes, that's a total lame when I picked the color and that also made me wonder why "Dior" gray. Well, not an expert of France, obviously! ^O^

I am glad you had fun! Yes, I have to figure out your graduation gift ...

xo Rachel

Anna said...

Ahhh, R, please don't worry about the gift!

I came up with a name for your other green wall--it's Balenciaga green! (exactly the type of neon that Bal did a few seasons ago, right? Haha)


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